Day 3 and struggling a bit!


Today is day 3 of SS.

Thursday and Friday I wasn't hungry, just found myself thinking about food for the sake of it!

Today, I am really struggling! I feel really, rumbly tummy hunger. I am feeling strong, so I won't go and eat anything yummy from my cupboards, but it's blooming hard work!

Please please tell me it gets better?!

I have also just started with a headache too..... (this is after getting a text from my counsellor and telling him how good I was feeling!).

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It does get better, once you are firmly in ketosis it is really just the temptation to eat you need to deal with rather than hunger. Keep going strong, you will get there in no time.


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Maybe this is the last of the carbs running out for you. Stay strong and ride through it. Tomorrow will be better and as soon as ketosis hits you will loose the hunger. Well done be proud of yourself.


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Don't worry, once you get through days 3/4 the worst is over.

Hi by the way.:D


Hello Falafel! Fancy seeing you here!

I feel a bit better just now, touch wood.

I did a pee stick thing and looks like I am in ketosis, the headache hasn't really come to anything and I haven't eaten anything! Wooohoooo!