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day 3 and struggling

yes at work its easier to avoid temptation for some reason, but home is more difficult, especially if you are the one preparing food.

The only thing is to try and keep busy and focus on something else once you get into ketosis it is easier to manage. Keep telling yourself that if you are tempted. If you absolutely have to eat dont have carbs kababs are out have some chicken or salad instead :)

Moving to SS+ and having a small protein meal in the evenings for a week or so till you get into ketosis might be worth considering?
thank you hedgehog, i am going to try harder, i live alone so dont have to prepare food but am so used to just eating in eves or ordering
takeaways cause bored, but hopefully it will get easier
I sometimes feel like i want to eat when i am home in the evening, mainly because i have nothing to day and i get bored. I usually try to have an early night if i'm craving food or have a nice bubble bath to stay away from the kitchen, lol.

Have you thought about doing SS+. A little meal to look forward to in the eveinings might make things easier.

I hope today goes well for you :) xx

i want to try ss on its own for a few weeks to get a few pounds off quickly and then will prob try ss +
thanks guys and good luck to u both
defo b having early night tonight..
I fail everything, and i am now on day 8, had my weigh in today, and believe me its all worth it, the headache, the dizzyness, the nightmares, oh god i have had them all, and now in ketosis, and now my cravings have gone, i am not hungry at all, i have to try and remember to eat, so hun, its hard, it really is the ultimate hardest diet i have ever done, but in 3 weeks i have lost almost a stone, how many other diets can give you them results, i am on the SS+ if you are eating food, then you must also be on the same, otherwise it just be drinks. Keep motivated, its all worth it i can promise you that hun!
hi minime i am just on ss so shouldnt have eaten at all, omg that is a fab loss, i 2 have tried diet after diet over last ten years and keep failing but i know this will work so hope in few days when i get over this initial hurdle, the weight will start to come off


Mistress of the Dark
well done minime that's another great loss :D

i'm also on day 3 and i'm not finding it hard which is making me worry more than if i was i think!!!

just keep thinking of how good you will feel when you've got the weight off...that's what i'm doing. you couldn't pay me to eat now, i want to be slim too badly!! xx
I find the evenings really hard aswell. I just try and keep busy, go for a walk/ drive. Look around the shops, clean hoover etc read a book anything. Im at home all day but the day does seem easier!!


Mistress of the Dark
i find the day harder because it seems to drag as i am on my own. in the evenings i just sit and watch all the soaps and then a film or something, by that time it's bedtime and another day has passed :D

just remain positive skinnylala, you'll do it :eek:
i always find that when im alone i want to eat as there is noone to see me but if im around people i can avoid temptation grrr the agonies of weight loss
just keep strong and put the kebab behind you hun today is a new day!!!!!!
Hi Skinny la. I know what you mean about wanting to SS to get as much off as poss but if you look at the other threads (and the CD booklet) people lose approx the same amount whether the SS or SS+. so it would propably be worthwhile doing SS+ if it keeps you on track. you'll still lose a stone a month.
Hiya. I am on my 16th day of SS and believe me the first few days were absolute hell!! once you get through them and get into ketosis its sooooo much easier just take each day as a mini goal. nice hot baths and early nights will help hun. My first week i decorated the bathroom and this kept my mind right of the hunger believe me its worth the first few days xxxxxxx
Hi Skinnylala, the first week is really hard, but if you can just get through it, you'll be ok. Just focus on getting to your first weigh and after that, it'll be a lot easier. You started CD for a reason, so just focus on those reasons for losing weight and any time you feel like you are going to eat something, come on here and we'll distract you xx


Mistress of the Dark
no i didn't have to do that. i couldn't get the ticker factory ones to work which is what most people had. just stumbled upon this one by accident and it worked for me :confused: x

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