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day 3 back for support

Day 3 and im doing good, but realised already how important this site is in continuing and staying very motivated with my weight loss.

It maybe that some of you know I have done this before so how am I back here?

Because I eat due to stress, due to happiness, due to saddness; last august I had maintained for a year and was feeling good then I broke my fingers and arm after a riding accident. The rollercoaster started; I had a dissertation to write, 4 other assignments, 2 months to do it and 6 weeks of that out due to injury - u can guess what happened; I lost it, I started eating and crying and couldnt stop!

So lessons learned I need to find a way of dealing with lifes crisises, other than eating. I need to stop punishing myself for putting some but not all of my weight back on and finally I need to realise ive done this once and I will do this again but finish the job properly this time.

I have wrote all this on here because I feel that this site offers me a way to communicate with people who understand and are positive about what im doing and its also my way of supporting myself through the tough days.

Here's to week one and looking forward to 5 months time :)

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good luck
im on day 2 of my re start. im kinda wishing my life away, i can't wait to get past my first week. i always seem to on the cambridge, then i have good spells where i actually enjoy not eating (weird).

i did find this site really helped last time, i'd joined one of those team things and that spurred me on a bit.


Trim T

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hi ladies, im on day 3 too. Going well so far. This is a restart for me too, im desperate to get back to goal.
I'm sure we'll all do fab, we just need to keep in our minds how we felt last time. I know that's enough to spur me on xxx
This is why I love this site - you can come on here and get support!

Thanks for the replies ladies and good luck x

If you need anything im always here for support :)
i ladies keep up the good work jsut had first weigh in lst nite and lost 8lbs and that was with one blip omg it is the best diet ever, its hardest too but so so worth it come on we can all do it
Hey!!! Your doing GREAT, the hard part is nearly over now your on day 3. well done!! I am here if you ever need anyone to talk to just pm me okies!! Good luck girls i know you will get to goal in no time xxx

Trim T

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well done skinnylala, thats great... I hope my first weigh in is as good!!
wd skinnylala thats a great loss I hope I do the same this week, my weigh in is early this week as im working monday hope ive lost something darent go on the scale just in case it hasnt moved lol!

nearly finished day 2 now (and yous lot day 3)
ive had a really good day today, its not been hard at all..infact i didnt want my meals really (although i forced myself because that was a major fall down from last time).
ive been busy though, out shopping at asda AND NEVER BOUGHT FOOD FOR ME! just a couple of bits for my little lad and some clothes for him, and fizzy water for me. then been playing the garden with my little one, and went for a walk round to my parents with him.
the biggest test ever will be baking a birthday cake for my brother tonight, and not having any tomorrow! i don't want any anyway, those greedy so & sos can all eat it.
pmsl greedy so and so's very funny :)


This is the last time!!
Hi there, I'm sure I remember you from my 'round 1' back in 2008...I started in June and stopped around September.
Good luck with it all, I too am an emotional eater - regardless of the emotion, it is celebrated/commiserated with food. Sometimes taking it all away really does help get your head round things. I had a little break last week but made sensible choices - for the first time EVER I read the labels of things and was bloody amazed by the difference in fat/calories etc in things. I didn't want to be 'one of those' calorie counters/obsessive label readers, but I think I will be ;)

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