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Step 1 Sole Source + Day 3 Feeling a bit low

S: 16st10lb C: 15st9lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 1st1lb(6.41%)
Hi guys.
So, am at the end of day 3. Been doing ok. Not really been hungry or had any major side effects other feeling a bit light headed and odd at times and feeling a bit more tired. I think I've been really lucky in that respect. My SS+ evening meal has been really keeping me focussed. Tonight i had quorn mince made with chilli powder and a big salad (80g is an amazing amount of lettuce!) as my husband and daughter were eating "real" chilli.
I'm just planning out the weeks meals for them so I can do the shopping tomorrow (and trying to find a way to make something similar for me with the SS+ list) and I think the enormity of what I've started has hit me and I feel really low all of a sudden. Eating is such a social and bonding thing in my family- ok if you have my husband and daughter's metabolism but not mine!! I am dreading saturday night as that is when husband and I would sit down to a really nice meal i'd cook after daughter is in bed. I will not quit because it is make or break now. If i can't stick with this I will have to accept being fat for the rest of my life and I cannot do that. I no longer like the way i look and I want another baby- and I owe it to that baby to be as healthy as possible when I am pregnant, which I wouldn't be now. Also I will not spend all this money for nothing. If I had all the money back I'd ever spent on slimming I'd be able to go on the holiday of a lifetime!! Just ranting really. I have to stay motivated. I have no choice. I cannot and will not stay this size. Have to remember that a few months is nothing in a lifetime.
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S: 16st13lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 3st5.5lb(20.04%)
Everything you have said rings so true with me :) except its easier for me cause I'm a single mummy so don't have to cook big dinners for anyone else.

You sound like you really want this, like i did, so you will do it. I really believe a lot of weight loss is in your head, you have to really want it- cause its bloody hard!

keep going lovely! It's taken me 20 weeks to lose 4st 13lbs and I'm 1lb off goal. It's happened really quickly! The first 8 weeks were slow (not massively but each week felt like a week!) but the rest of the time has shot by! And yes extremely hard- but not impossible and it gets easier.

You might be feeling low because your carb levels are low and your body is saying 'oi give me bread or ill make you feel like poo!' But you have just gotta say 'you can want bread all you like but your not having any!' (Maybe don't say it out loud- people stare ;) )

keep going and try to start believing this is the last diet you will do, and a few months out of your whole life is nothing x x

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