Day 3 Felt SIck


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Day 1 and 2 went fairly ok for me, Day 2 was easier but when i woke up on Day 3 (yesterday Sat) i had a thumping headache and felt so sick. I had a half a home baked scone and i was ok then. Has anyone else experienced this, i went off track today but im starting back tomorrow, no excuses.
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TRY NOT to go off the plan otherwise you will feel rough longer and it will be harder to stick at it.Water is the key and maybe larger allowable snacks?xxxx


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Carb withdrawal / reduction can be rough, just push through it and it will pass and get easier, it's just the body re-adjusting to the new diet - don't worry, it is normal and is for a very short period of time. Good luck and hope you're felling better x


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hiya i know how u feel, ive started to feel a bit rough round the edges since friday, really tired and waves of sickness, i actually went up to bed for three hours this afternoon just feeling a bit drained, tried to go to bed an hour ago but my youngest gremlin has other ideas lol the poor wee soul is loaded with the cold and getting teeth so looks lik im up for the night shift! hopefully you will start to feel beter soon, they say a week to ten days to re-adjust etc so if u can get through another 7 days at the most then u should be on the home run!