Day 3!! Motivation please!!!

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  1. bevvy80

    bevvy80 Full Member

    This is my 3 rd time starting and really want to do this!!! But today and tomorrow is where I normally give in!!! I struggle with the products as always seem to powdery, any tips???

    I need to do this diet my health and children need to come 1st but already having a wobble!!!

    Any advice or buddy would be gratefully received

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  3. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    For the non fruit ones make them with 500 mls of water and make them hot. I find the mint choc ones the best. I only had porridge in the first week, I lasted 2 weeks on soups. Now I just drink either Choc, mint, choc, cappucino or banana shakes and everything except the banana I automatically drink hot. Plus make sure you're using an electric blender to whisk them. I can't stomach them shaken only.

    Re. getting through the next few days, this is where you need to make a decision if you want to be fat any more or not. Nothing else will do it. Think of it like quitting smoking. It's only yourself and your willpower that will get you through it. Giving up is a decision you make, there are no contributing factors. Excused are just smoke and mirrors. If you want this you can have it. Every single person on here will reiterate that this diet works 100% of the time when you stick to it.

    Best of luck and you should be proud of yourself for getting to Day 3 already, now make sure you get to day 6.
  4. bevvy80

    bevvy80 Full Member

    Ahh thanks!!! Yes this is me now, the new me!! I will get there I have to! I've got a mixed box so trying all different ones!! Making a note of the ones I like lol!! This is so hard I did it years ago lost 2 stone in 6 weeks but thought I could do it alone!!

    This is my 3rd I think restart in a year! I'm worried that me eating habits are affecting my older daughter so that's my motivation!!

    Just thought if come here and meet people in the same boat and get some much needed support!

  5. catbeenie

    catbeenie Member

    Hi Bevvy80, I'll be your buddy! I'm struggling a lot too. It's about my 3rd time on this diet too though I've started it a bit here and there as well. I've been doing it since last Monday but not in ketosis as I keep cheating. I need to do this for the same reasons as you. Bizarrely we're the same height and weight. So maybe you're what I need!
  6. bevvy80

    bevvy80 Full Member

    Hi to you
    That be great! I'm day 3 nearly done, I'm feeling it now and freezing but I know if I get through tomorrow n Saturday I'll be flying through!!!
    Let's do it!!!! I just keep thinking it's not forever!!!

    X x
  7. catbeenie

    catbeenie Member

    It's not. Thank God!!! I didn't realise 'til looking through this forum that people struggle it on the same as I do. My leader is lovely and v motivational but makes me feel like a failure: she says it's easy and to forget about food. Pah!! Well I've not been very good today. Lost 1lb last week but 7.75 inches so that's something. MUST be better tomorrow. IO'm now relying on this forum to motivate me!!
  8. bevvy80

    bevvy80 Full Member

    Ahh that's not nice!!! You can only do what u want to do!!! It's willpower and man that is a hard tool to use and keep using!! X
  9. catbeenie

    catbeenie Member

    How you feeling today? I'm starting again! So far so good....Evenings are worse for me and weekends too. Gotta keep going though. xx
  10. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    I always remind myself about the bigger picture as it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day urges of wanting to eat. I constantly remind myself I don't want to end up with health problems like my Mum. I also got into the habit of checking in with myself when I want eat - do I actually feel hungry? If you are doing it 100%, you won't feel hungry, the ketosis kills the hunger. So you need to figure out what it is that you need - generally it's relaxation, to wind down or a bit of love (hugging my husband a lot more these days, sounds silly but it works - hug instead of a chocolate biscuit lol). Also urges/cravings rarely last longer than 30 mins, so if you can sit with that uncomfortable feeling, you will see the urge or carving will disappear (just need a bit of willpower the first time you do it).

    My advise on the powdery shake thing is 1. Use ice and 2. Always use a blender. With my fave flavours strawberry and mango - I think could drink these shakes forever as when done right with the ice and blender they taste fab. Not does this way, they taste like crap - makes a big difference! I bought a blender for work and make sure there are always ice cubes in the freezer.

    Only other advise is when feeling a bit down on it all come in here and read some of the diaries from start to finish - seeing evidence that it can be done is so inspiring. I still do it and think to myself "That's going to be me!" :)

    Good luck on your journey :)
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