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Day 3 of induction cant sleep any tips?


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I saw an increase of energy, and im just not as tired as i was, but when im in ketosis i sleep like a log, its possible your body is just ajusting to the new way of using its fuel.

Is it getting to sleep that the problem or having a restful night?
Its getting to sleep and then waking a few times each night....i heard camomile tea is good for sleeping but dont know if that would interfere with induction...everything else is going well though its great being able to log onto the forum and see all the tips and advice:)


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Well my sleep is awfull and dreams are intense! I feel anxious going to sleep and wake up at odd hours but i'm hoping this will pass as it did before when i went into ketosis doing cambridge. After a few weeks I did finally get really restfull deep sleep but i'm sure everyone is different!!!
I've always slept like a log so I'm no help here, camomile would not affect Atkins at all though.

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I'm on meds that cause disturbed sleep/bad dreams so can't really tell if being on Atkins makes any difference!

I do remember from the first time around that leg cramps would often wake me in the night, maybe muscle cramps are disturbing you? I take a potassium supplement (from Holland & Barratt) that completely takes care of the cramps.

Another option might be that you are breaking your carb addiction. Did you used to eat a lot of carbs at night? It could be that you've previously just fallen into a carb coma rather than falling asleep, so your body needs to adjust to natural sleep again? A friend of mine goes to bed at around 9-9.30 every night, she says she simply can't stay awake any longer than that... after eating a huge, carb-heavy dinner, of course.
ah yes, I remember the days, 8 slices of toast before bed time as a snack. :sigh:

There's a camomile and spearmint herbal tea (Twinings I think) which is lovely - much nicer than camomile on its own!

Exercise always means I have a good night's sleep, on gym days I doze off very easily! Also, erm, "special hugs" with my OH!! ;):D

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Chamomile, honey & vanilla tea, also Twinings I think, at 0.3g carb per brew takes the edge off, or you can put Splenda in standard chamomile to make it more palatable. I agree it's an, er, 'acquired' taste...

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