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Day 3 of lighter life, HELP!

Hi all
Just thought I would introduce myself, I am Rose, and I started lighter life on thursday. I am not in a good place at the moment and could really do with some reassurance that things will get better, as 100 days of this and I may kill myself! I feel unwell, I have had a constant headache, I have had dizzy spells, nausea and actual retching which is awful, shivvery, cold, irritable, and did I mention starving??

I haven't slipped up at all so I guess I should be in ketosis, and I checked my urine and I am putting out ++ketones. Hopefully that is good.

I guess I need some reassurance that I won't feel like this forever! I am struggling to drink enough water, and I hate the soups. the banana and chocolate shakes seem almost drinkable but if they are all I am having I am going to get sick of them pretty soon.

I don't get weighed til tuesday, that feels so far off. Will I survive??!

Hope to get to know people on here, it will be nice to have a 'buddy' or two.

Rose x:help2::sign0144:
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Hi Rose and welcome. You will find all the help, support, advice and friendship you need on Minis.

Hang on in there hun, it DOES get better - honest! xx
Hi Rose, welcome to the boards and well done for choosing LL - honestly you'll soon be feeling a whole lot better, the bad bit at the beginning only lasts for a few days and then you'll start to feel great - the headaches will be gone and you'll feel like you have a new lease of life.

Stick with the packs you will get used to them and even enjoy and look forward to them. Also you will find that your tastes change over the course of the diet and what you don't like now you will like later and vice versa.

Please keep on posting on the boards, they are the perfect place for all the support you need as well as giving you a laugh!

Check out the Minimins Screensaver at the top of the page and it will give you all the inspiration you need!

Good luck
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LOL Cheryl that's what I meant doh!

I'd blame tiredness but I'm not even tired :)
Rose - you are at a point of transition into ketosis - the symptoms you are suffering from are withdrawal from carbs and caffeine (headache is the caffeine) so it's been like going cold turkey!

It usually takes 3-4 days to get a well-being feeling and more energy too - it just depends on how many last suppers you had before starting as your body has to use up it's recently stored food in your stomach as energy and then your glycogen stores in your liver and a bit in your muscles and then it will turn to your stored fat for it energy.

Water is the key to make the process work efficiently - hang on as you are nearly there and you deserve to give yourself one week on it after all the faffing to start the Programme hey? :princess:
Hi Rose and :welcome:

It is difficult at first but well worth it and it does get easier.

Pamper yourself the first week. Wrap up warm take plenty of paracetal (dont suffer) and you will come out smiling. We have all been there and sympathise with you.

YOU CAN DO THIS and the rewards are super.:grouphugg:
How are you feeling today? I only have the raspberry and chocolate shakes, and the two new bars, and I've been doing it since August. It isn't like eating the same meal every day, because it isn't a meal...I just view them as a supply pack for vitamins, and get through that way with them. Hope you're feeling better this morning


Happily pro pointing!
It really does get better, you will soon get through this initial yukky stage and feel fabulous.

With the foodpacks it can take a little experimentation.
I actually only take the vanilla shakes and make them into lattes, the soups I just take the chicken and mushroom, but find I need salt and pepper in them otherwise they don't taste of anything. When you can get the bars that helps too, the new bars are lovely and the toffee or lemon made into biscuits are gorgeous.
We are all here to support each other through this and you have come to right place. It is a god send.
Thanks for all the lovely replies!
Somehow I seem to have started this thread twice (I am clearly not very bright!)
Today hasn't been great but it's over now. I discovered that the vanilla and raspberry shake are ok, so I seem to have choc, banana, vanilla and raspberry to get me through. I tried the vegetable soup (having already retched when tryingthe chilli one) and I actually vomitted, but I don't think that was so much to do with the soup as I have still been feeling unwell today and was very nauseus anyway. I have my first weigh in on tuesday which will be day 6, and I will collect bars too, you have no idea how much I am looking forward to those, I need something to chew! (is chewing gum allowed?)

Are there any shift workers on here? How do you manage? My shifts are different every week yet I am expected to go to a 2 hour session every week, I am really not sure how that's going to work!

I have never craved carbohydrates so much in my life, I would do anything for a bowl of pasta or a pizza. Weird as a usually crave chocolate!

This is the hardest thing I have ever done. Some slight motivation today when I stood on my mum's scales and they showed me as 17 9. I am not classing that as my weight though as they were different scales to the LL leader, but who knows, maybe they are right. I was 18 2 at the beginning of this.

And I know I am not drinking enough water, but I am trying and I am much increased on my norm.

Must keep going, feel like weigh in is in sight, I am taking it day by day, and justtrying to get to tuesday! I have a pre arranged girls night in at my house saturday night, where we would normally have wine and nibbles. I am starting to get in a flap about this already, and can hear a little voice in my head telling me if I was doing WW or SW or something I could do healthy nibbles and drink diet coke... grrr.

Thanks for the motivation though, it really helps.

Rose x
Rose - a couple of things - no too gum but yes to moth sprays and mouth washes.

WATER - soooooo important - if you are not getting 4 litres down then the way you are having it isn't working so something has to change.

Suggest - as soon as you legs swing out of bed start drinking, 2 litres before 12pm then 2 before 4pm and then anything more is a bonus as the more you drink - the more you shrink. Clock watch until you get into it.

WATER - makes you feel more comfortable and make the whole process work more efficiently (think water wheel)

Please don't weigh at home as it is not helpful to you at this stage.

Re shifts - take 24hrs at a time and work out when to have your packs in that time in respect to what shift you are on.

Loads of shift workers do this Programme.......it just needs planning.

You are doing great.....remember this is by choice.........your efforts will be rewarded. ;)
Ok, tomorrow's target is the water. I have recently been started on a water tablet too, oh this should be interesting!

It's not so much finding time to have the shakes with shift work, it's getting to the groups. She wants comittment to a 2 hour slot each week, which I can't do. I will see what she says on tuesday.

Doesn't help that EVERYONE I know says I am mad, that it's extortionate and OTT. THey think the answer is so simple, eat less and exercise more. Sometimes I wonder if they know me at all.



Back to the grindstone!!
I work nightshifts and dayshifts and to be honest I find it just fine. Took a bit of getting used to it but you will soon adapt to the eating, well, drinking!!!
It will be the very best thing you do for yourself, I can't believe the difference it has made to me and those friends who are now doing the program having seen me do so well.
Hope you are feeling better now!!
Hello Rose! Well done for getting through Day 3, which is the worst for lots of people. You should start feeling better soon, and if you keep increasing the water you should start to see the weight drop off, which will help you stay motivated.

It doesn't sound as if you have a lot of support around you. If sensible diet and exercise were the solution, none of us would be here now. If it's any help to you, I was swimming a mile a day last year, and although I definitely felt fitter - no breathlessness, more energy, I didn't lose a single pound in weight (grrr!)

I've tried everything in the book, sensible and stupid, and I needed this programme to lose the weight. Yes, it is extreme, hardcore, or whatever, but it works, fast, and in my experience you stay healthy on it (though of course nothing is right for absolutely everybody). Just say to them that everybody is different, and that you want to lose weight quickly, so you're doing this and you need people to encourage you... We on the board will all encourage you like mad, so post after all your WIs and give us any news, good or bad, and we'll cheer or boo with you!

You're doing a fantastic thing for yourself, and unless you are really ill, please stay with it. Once you've lost a couple of stone, and people can see that it's working, maybe the criticism will stop.

Best of luck!!!


Happily pro pointing!
Explain to them that it is a medically monitored (you have to get GP approval and regular checks) health programme, not just a diet. You lose the weight quickly which gives obese people many great health benefits (reducing the chance dramatically of getting diabetes, stroke, heart desease, pluse more) and a management and maintenance programme to keep the weight off for good.
The foodpacks have 100% of the recommended daily allowance for everything you need, so you will be eating healthier than ever before.

As for the shift work, don't worry, try and make as many meetings as you can, you should be able to make most of them, and you should be able to arrange a weigh in and pack collection with your LLC for times you can't make it. We have a lady fire officer in our group and this has never been a problem.
They ask for a commitment to the 2 hours as they really don't want you to fail and it is quite an important part of the programme.
Show willing and I am sure your LLC will be fine.