Day 3 on Ultra Slim

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    So as the title suggests, I'm on day 3. Struggling not to think about food as I am thinking about it constantly. After a good catch up with my bestie on Thursday, I have put things into perspective. Only I can make the changes. I am solely responsible for what I eat.
    I have some life goals I want to achieve:
    1 - Start losing weight. 1lb at a time. No pressure
    2 - Get my CV finished so I can leave the job I hate
    3 - Make time to spend with my husband so we can reconnect as a couple
    4 - Spend time with friends and family and drag my little munchkin with me.
    5 - With doctors help, get off the anti-depressants I'm on

    One of the biggest things I hate about myself is my weight. I've put on 2st since starting my anti-depressants putting me up to nearly 16st. I know I can lose weight so here goes!

    I feel much better now I've written things down and they are out in the open! This was a bit of a rant to myself but I'm happy for anyone to comment. I'd love some support as I do give up easily!

    Andrea xx
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    Right there with you! Since starting antidepressants I gained weight. Probs more from the source of needing them rather than an actual side effect of the pills.

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