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day 3 & setting goal weight


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well its been a while.

I did lipotrim in 2007 and went from 10'8 to 8'10 - I kept it of until summer last year when my weight crept up and up and up till on 01/01/10 I weighed 9'9.5 and decided to restart - last time I didnt really set a goal I just gave up when I felt I couldnt carry on with it anymore.

So I started on 04/04/10 & day one and two went ok day 3 however and I feel cr*p!! - I am full of a cold, & feel weak & light headed (I always seem to get ill when I am on lipotrim:cry:)I am hungry but cant face my first shake yet or much water and i know i need to or i will eat something!

So I keep thinking this time I want to set a goal but not sure where I want that goal to be - when I got to 8'10 last time the plan was to join a regular slimming class ww or sw and lose the last 10lbs, but it never happened - with those diets I seem to gain and lose the same pound every week, lipotrim is the only one that seems to work for me for whatever reason, I know that I dont have much weight to lose but would like to get to 8 ish stone however dont think i can last that long the way i feel today - i will be lucky if i last till the end of today! I hope everyone else is feeling better than me x
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ah stick with it hon, cold and light head and weakness are part of it i would say, if you can get today over you it will be so worth it tommor, you will be delighted with yourself that you didnt break it


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hi - one o clock now had a vanilla shake hot with a spoonful of coffee in and am getting stuck into the water - feel a bit better if it wasnt for this lousy cold i would be fine, peckish every now and then but not full blown hunger :) hope everyone else is doing ok too x


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Well done for sticking with it so far... keep it up. The cold is not helping but at least you can have lots of hot coffees and teas. I've not been brave enough to try any of the shakes hot - but maybe one day I will. You can do this :D
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Hey Good for you!

You have done so well to turn into a positive attitude today. You know that day 3-5 are normally the toughest so just hang in there!

I am on day 3 (restarter on another TFR diet) and I am finding it really good! I tested myself on day 2 for ketones and there was traces and today im in ketosis, so thank goodness I am coping well! But have suffered from headaches, but nurofen seems to be helping me!!

Staying focused on your goals is a great idea.

Last night I thought about all my skinny clothes and I know approx what weight I will be when I can wear them, so I wrote out a week by week fashion list and what I will be able to wear each week as I get slimmer.

Come valentines day I have some really nice clothes that I hope to get into! I really looking forward to looking my best again, and that is keeping me motivated! :)

Stay cool babe xoxox
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Well done for sticking with it so far. Sorry to hear that you've got a cold, but drink lots of black tea and coffee. Only weigh yourself at the chemist and then you will get a true weight loss as hopping on and off the scales at home is not good. Good luck with your journey you will get there.
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Please, anyone, I would be so grateful if anyone could help me with this worry.
In 2008, I did LT for nine weeks and lost 3 stone but the only reason that I came off it as I had not reached goal was because I became seriously weak. I could not laugh or climb the stairs without feeling an empty breathless feeling so I took it as being my body's way that enough was enough!! I had a Baby in may 2008 and went on LT four weeks later. Im hoping that was the reason for my weakness. I want to go on for four months now and started on Jan 4th 2010.
Im doing fine, on day three now but petrified I will not see my goal just because of this. Other than that, I know I can stick it out. Any advice, ladies and gentlemen?


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Hi Binge eater, I guess that you can only take it one day at a time and see how things go. Maybe last time it was too close after the stresses of giving birth - your body might not have been ready for such an extreme diet. This time you might do much better. Try not to think about last time and treat this as if it was the first time you have done it. It could be just about tricking your mind into believing that.

I am sure that you can do well and stick with it this time. Just take it easy and see how you go. Good luck. :)


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Yep i agree with above post, take it one day at a time! Your goal will seem along way away so don't focus on that. Do it day by day then when you feel stronger do it week by week. You deserve a medal for doing it 4 weeks after a baby it took me 4yrs!! lol
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Good luck - set yourself mini motivating goals and just focus on your next mini target and reward yourself along the way. I am sure you will be grand xox
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Oh my god girls!! Thank you so much for your replies as I am on day three and starting to feel the come down now from my usual supplies of sugar!!:(
I feel so motivated after coming back on here.
Stinky, I dont need a medal at all because I look at all you guys and see the determination and strength of will you all have!
So many people have been negative about this diet and saying that it is torture and that all the weight will pile on again and more once you come off this!
Im having massive rows with the hubby because of the cost and not least the health issues. He thinks that Im going to get kidney failure or some other illness related to the fact that I am not eating food. Im so stubborn though and as Ive never been more depressed about my weight, I feel that this is for me.
I have four kids under 10, work sleepovers in my job and am in fourth year of my degree so Im used to stuffing my face out of tiredness and for comfort.

The thing is though that im depressed to the point of no return at this stage if I dont slim down!!:mad:
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Hi and welcome. I think maybe your first time was too close after giving birth and your body was just not ready. Forget about last time and concentrate on now. Take one day at a time. Make sure you drink plenty of water, black tea/coffee and that will help get you through your first week. You will be so chuffed when you see how much you've lost in the first week and that will encourage you till the next weigh in. Also think about the benefits to your health and remind hubby about the slinky sexy underwear you'll soon be wearing!!


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Hi binge eater I can relate to a lot of what you say. I think we just get into an awful bad habit of eating for just any old reason. I have restarted and on day 3. I didnt regain all my weight I just lost control before and during xmas and don't want to go back to b eing overweight and miserable. My name used to be binger and I changed it because it was a reminder of what I did. Just take it slowly and I know life is hectic especially with a family to care for. Honestly if you take one day at a time it will get easier. After a while you will have lots more energy. Good luck xx


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Hiya Chick!

Best of luck restarting! You have done it before and you can do it again!

Just make your shake up anyway.. you will be surprised that it goes down easier than you think xx


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HI Binge

I must admit, I am surprised the Pharmacist allowed you to do the diet after only giving birth...your poor body had just taken a complete battering and there you were giving it another one!!! No wonder you werent too good.

So, that shows you sure have determination if you are able to stick with it with a new baby...so, I am sure you will be able to do this no problem...just dont fear it, cause that can also cause us to fall off the wagon or make it an excuse too.

Now, re your hubby..dont be too hard on him either, because he is only concerned. I wish I could say it is rubbish and it doesnt happen, but us restarters will tell you that the weight will indeed pile back on if you dont get to the bottom of your reason for eating all the time! That is the point I am at! No one can doubt LT!! The results are there to see, but we need to somehow take the time to understand ourselves as well during this time.

Good luck and I am sure you will manage this; just keep jumping on here as well.
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Thank you so much for the lovely welcome ladies!:wave_cry:
This forum is such a breath of fresh air and I really feel that I can do it now, thanks to your encouragement.
Honestly, I didnt tell the pharmacist the truth re how soon I had just had the Baby (iresponsible!! i know).
I do love the choc shake and the soup and if I have to travel, i force the coconut flapjacks into myself cos im embarrassed that others will guess what Im doing!!lol! Its like a naughty child!
Best of luck to you all and we will all be slim for summer:flirt2:.


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