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day 3 - struggling massively

after having to bin the tomato soup at work cos it was sandy I came home, jumped into bed cos i was frozen, and had a good cry. feel really sorry for myself and there are a thousand voices in my head telling me to stop being silly to have a pizza. however, i am carrying on as i want to get to the end of the week at least.

hubby has made me a choc one which has turned out really nice so am on my first pack of the day. have no appetite to fit another one in but know I have to somehow. does it get any easier?

i have had a headache all day and am forzen from drking all the water. really desperate to eat something too!

pls help.
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sorry to hear that - poor you. It will get better, promise. Are you drinking enough water? Just think about why you started this, and if you cheat, you'll have to go through 3 days of hell again to try and get to ketosis. If you stick to it, this diet definitely works and if you do seriously want to lose weight, then be determined to stick to it.

Try and get an early night tonight, and hopefully tomorrow you'll wake up feeling better. Let us know how you're getting on, xx


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Hi there, the first few days are always the worst. Dont give up though, as it really does get better. On day 4 I felt great, and the feeling on day 7 when i got weighed and saw the loss was amazing.
Keep it up. Have a long hot soak in the bath and an early night hun x


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hi leeds123! yes it does get better get 2 day 4-5 and you will have got thru the worst! please dont give in keep coming on here and you will get all the help you need!! keep going with the water it helps so much! and as for being cold it does improve but just have a nice hot bath!;)
good luck and keep us posted!!....


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I went through hell the first few days of total food replacement, it really killed me, the only thing that kept me going was people on here saying 'keep going it gets better' so i did and have never looked back!

It does get better - keep going - you wait till your weigh in! :D

I know its hard, but its not forever, just for now.

good luck.
i'm sorry that your not feeling well
but it's day 3 and for some it can be the norm.

have a nap and see how you feel when you wake up.

it really does get easier, you have done the hardest part the 1st few days.

take the pizza out of your mind and think of a nice dress/top/pants that you would like.

good luck, and sending lots of hugs.
It is true that day 3 is often the hardest! You will get through today and feel so much better for it - honestly! Just keep with it, I promise after your first weigh in it will really make you realise you are doing the right thing x
thank you everyone. I have had a choc shake (hot) and some more water. is 2 litres enough? thats about what i am having.

I am gonna try and get a soup in tonight but don't think I will be able to so will have to just rely on the one shake i have had. I am gonna have a hot bath and watch bruce parry's amazon and then go to bed. thank youall. you really are the ONLY thing keeping me going at the moment.

I am praying that i wake up tomorrow and feel better! thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. off to soak!


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You really do have to have all 3 packs though, because if you don't you'll feel worse, and rather than ketosis, you'll be in starvation mode which will make you want to eat (I think!)

I am on day 3 of my re start (at last, hooray!!) and I am so bloody cold I could sit on the surface of the sun and still shiver. My limbs feel like leaded weights, I am cranky, tired and want to curl up under my duvet.
Am just gonna put my little fella to bed then I am having a hot bath and bed myself.
I think you need to find a routine to get into with water and your packs...I know I find having a pack at what would normally be a 'meal time' helps me out no end, and then I fit in water around my packs.

It DOES get better and it IS worth sticking to, but at the same time, don't pressurise yourself too much otherwise you'll find it so much harder xxxx


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hi leeds sorry u feel so bad im on day 4 restart and have a bangin headache but u must have all 3 of your shakes/soups/porridge or you wont get all the vits and mins ya body needs and that might make u feel worse it will get better i know ive been there xx
thanks again everyone. am giving the tomato another go with a blender and some cajun seasoning mixed in. can't just have one pack as i do not want to go into starvation mode.

am hoping i am over the worst and tomorrow will be ok. I would find it so much easier if i could stomach the packs. can't wait till i can have the bars - my CDC said I could have them from next week.

have not had any real weightloss yet either and it is TOM week so am expecting not to lose too much, but will be sad nonetheless. I want to lose about 2 stone and my CDC said it is sometimes harder when you have less to lose.

I alreasy changed some of my packs for tomato so don't want to pester my CDC again for another change. Will try and wolf them down with water. I am amazed when i read posts from so many people saying they love this diet, i hope that is me pretty soon. The hunger is no problem for me, neither is drinking the water - its just the packs. but then, after having eaten rich food most of my life there is bound to be some adjustment.

thanks again for all the support. it makes all the difference.

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