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Day 3 *warning - bad feelings mentioned!*


is loving the soup?!
Feel OK today...tired and weak, but not headachey or ill. Much better than I expected. Am 2lb down on the scales.
I don't think I am going to do this until I get to goal. Being worried about my skin anyway, I've read up in some medical journals and it does seem losing weight faster leads to more sagging for many people.
So am going to do it until I get to my previous lowest weight (I actually started this at 15 stone, got down to 11.5 and regained). I don't think doing it till I get to 11.5 will do my skin much more harm...and then I'll see where I go from there. Maybe I'll just be hooked ; )
I am not trying to be really negative - it's just that the skin issue is a big issue for me so something I want to consider when choosing how to lose weight.
But I'll still be here for nearly 2 stone so a few weeks at least!
Here's to day 3...could murder a bit of chicken (never thought I'd say that) but am determined to do this today, and today's all that matters really. And at least I now love the shakes!
Rach xxx
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It does get better - honest !! :)

I've spent hours brooding and looking up about loose skin (and speaking to my siter who is a dematologist) and final conclussions are:

1. I would rather be thinner and have saggy skin than carry a ton of extra weight and have skin stretched beyond capacity !
2. The older you are the less elasticity your skin has - but conversely for someone younger
3. Drinking water increases your skin's elasticity so keep on glugging
4. Using appropriate skin products will keep your skin in the best possible condition - but remember what suits and is effective on one person does not necessarily work on someone else.
5. It will take approximately 12 months for your skin to settle after a massive weight loss

So panic not -and if all else fails and you have folds of lose skin thats why they have invented stomach tucks !!

Good luck on the diet - it really does get easier. When in doubt check out this forum as there is always someone ready to support you.

with love


is loving the soup?!
Thanks! I already know I can lose weight at a slower pace when eating healthily - it is just a lot harder for me. Did your sister say slower weight loss did make a difference?
Sorry to bother you but sounds like she is the expert : )
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rachelh - I'm just wondering if the loose skin thing would really be such an issue as your start BMI was only 29.4. If it was above 40 or something I could understand the worry but surely it won't have that far to stretch back? Just a note - I've lost just shy of what you want to lose and have no loose skin yet.
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Hey Rachel, Im in pretty much the exact same position as you, Day 3, feeling rough etc...

Im going to keep it going till I get my goal for definate this time. Weigh In today, I am 4lbs down and estatic! :p

I did Cambridge last year, started at 14st 8lbs and dropped 64lbs in 4 months and I didnt have any saggy skin.

My skin was slightly looser around my arms but it wasnt even noticable.

I regained too :( as I had to stop CD before I got to my goal but am determined to do it to my goal this time. I think I'd rather get there and then keep it off than stop before my goal, the slow weight loss would just demoralise me!

Keep it up hun, you'll do great!

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