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day 3

hello everyone...Im reading all your posts and your all so inspirational!!! its day 3 of no food for me and my head will not stop thinking about food, my tummy is not hungry or rumbling and im shocked at how much my head is trying to make me think i am hungy... anyone else experienced this feeling......my breath is a bit smelly and claggy today... can you drink peppermint tea does anyone know... many thanks in advance x:eek:
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I totally feel like that!!! it's bizarre-I'm on day 2 and not at all hungry physically but am craving food. Just keep remembering all the fatty things I ate just days ago that will still be blobbing around on my belly!
You can have peppermint tea,or any leaf tea. I am currently in love with detox tea by pukka-apparently models drink it and it tastes great. This is my second time on LT, did it just before my wedding and lost 21lbs, I've just come back on as I fairly went for it on my honeymoon and carried on after so I've put about 9lbs back on. It was really difficult to put back on though so son't let that put you off. I only did it for 2 mnths and my appetite has totally changed-I just did a LOT of partying,:drunk: lol!

Where in lancs are you?

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Hi Daisy. I've been wondering how you were getting on. Sounds like "old head habits" are fighting to get through but stick with it because you're nearly through the worst of it. It won't be long before your first weigh-in and it will all be worthwhile. :D
I'm just about to mix my choc shake with some ice cold mint tea and I'm really looking forward to it! Your taste buds will adapt soon. Good luck!


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Im currently on day 12 and i still have moments just like that. I know im not hungry but i cant help but wonder over to the cupboard where all the biscuits and treats are kept and looking. Thats all ive done though is look. I keep thinking in my head that when i re-feed after a week or so i can have 20g of carbs per day... but when you actually look at the carb content in things its shocking. My downfall is chocolate chip cookies, well just one contains 16g, and i know that i wouldnt stop at just one. And if i have even just one ive ruined my hard work ive put in so far!!!

When im having a 'my head is telling me im hungry moment' i busy myself with something, even painting my nails as i cant touch anything for a good hour after that :)

Well done for getting into it anyway and keep up the good work.


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Im on day 36 and trust me you will have days like that. Even now I have days when I would love something to eat but you just have to get your head around it and drink water when these feelings hit. Use your time to research better food choices and understand the calorie contents of different foods. Im looking forward to healthy food and the odd treat at the weekend when I finally reach my goal. You will get thru this - I had my 5th weigh in today and have lost 27 pounds so far and I feel so energetic now and am sleeping so much better as well. Just wait until your fist weigh in and it will really motivate you to carry on. Good luck and pop on here when you feel like caving in xx


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I'm on day 55 and would say exactly what lolakerry has said. Luckily there are more good than bad days and the weeks just seem to fly by now :) x