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DAY 3...........

Stick at it, you can do this:)


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Hey lipo.. im on day 3 too :)
I was like you earlier felt really crappy, im ok now!
Keep drinking and enjoy your toilet trips :p


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Drink drink drink guys lol x

hi... i know what you mean.. liposlimmer ..bout coming on here to read about everyones success ..it keeps you on track ... i come on every day to just read posts.. and search for info its great... i came on today straight in from shopping ..i am on day six and have lost 7 lbs now and have been just fine .. but this afternoon and evening have been feelin like i wanted something to eat .... :eek:.. had to go shopping it made it worse... so did it came home drank a pint of water!!!.. made a brew and logged on here.... phew!! twas a close call i can tell ya .. the feeling was pretty strong .. but now fine..hopefully now thats happened once if it happens again ..i know now that it should pass and all will be well.. anyhoo good luck ... lets do it eh? ... i need to lose 3 stone ... and i am determined to do it and determind to keep it off ... ;)bye ... sharon x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!

I had a fun one today, when going out on my break I had to nip to the bank so one of the girls who didn't get a break asked if I would nip to Greggs bakery for something for her!... It took real willpower with all the nice sandwiches etc as I used to get my dinner from there before. Felt a real urge to get a Tuna sarnie but I resisted, got her dinner (didn't eat that either!) and went back to work for my hot vanilla coffee...... Test passed!
Day three should be banned! Its evil.
I stumbled across this Forum on day four!!:doh:

Really helped since as there is loads of good advise. Just finished day 6.

Millions times easier after day three. Stopped thinking of food. And have no problem turning it down when Im offered. Just looking forward to my first weigh-in now. :scale:



Back on the wagon!
You can do it....the first week is the worst!!
It will get easier, drink lots and lots and keep coming to the forum, it really helped!!!


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Im feeling much better today, still dont know if im in ketsois yet GURR
Im on day 4 now, my mate was sittin in watching tv with me last nite and she started eatin crisps and chocolate and it actually didnt bother me i just drank my gorgeous hot water lol
thanks for the support it really helps!!
i feel much better today,and not as tierd and weak as i was yesterday, last night my sister and her friends got a curry it smelled really good but i wasnt even tempted there is no way im giving in now!!!


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good on ya girl... keep at it and you'll be slim for the summer :)

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