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Day 3................

Woo hoo, the K fairy great news!! Initially I struggled to sleep but then I found I slept like a log, was always falling asleep around 10pm!



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excellent news :) you're doing great babes :)

i also found it hard to sleep for longer when on ss. stopped after a short while though...

abz xx


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Hiya babes, I was awake LOADS last night too, was so restless so guess it must be normal at first. Great news that you're in ketosis, I dont know how I will know when I'm in ketosis as I dont have the pee sticks and dont dare try buy some after reading the way people are treated when thye try to get some xx
Tell them chris is diabetic! i think its disgraceful that they actually question you when you buy them, its a invasion of privacy and i would complain head office if they asked. Its not as though its medication - would they question you if you bought a pregnancy test?

Im going tonmorrow to buy some more and if they question me..........i have a rant all worked out :rotflmao::rotflmao:


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:rotflmao::rotflmao: Wouldnt want to be on the other end of your rant babes :p
Might go buy some and if anyone starts will have a psycho, am in the mood for a good ole barney ;)
Are there any chemists open being bank hols? If it hadnt of been sunday yesterday ishould of bought soe then cos I was in a right ole grump!


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Dont know if any will be open today or not TBH but we are going out anyway so will take a look :)
hey sara, fantastic news that you are in Ketosis

I'd have thought Boots was open today. You could always buy them online depending on how quick you want them really!!

Keep up the good work Sara x
Ah i might get them tomorrow as its a excuse to get out of the house and get dressed lol! summer hols im a right slob and dont get dressed till the afternoon!


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Hey Sarah, glad you're doing so well with this. I'm really lucky cos I can 'acquire' ketostix from work. I found it really tempting to check every day, but I was going thro stix like no-one's business and sooner or later I'd have to explain where they all went - oops - so I've stopped and just check once a week now.

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