Day 3


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S: 13st13lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.59%)
Hi Guys

I am alomst finished with day 3, have not found it too bad. Trying to keep up the drinking of water. Just having my last shake.

Can anyone answer these few questions please?
Can you add herbs/flavour like curry powder to soups?
Can you add a slice of fresh lemon to water?
Also sparkling water is ok aswell isnt it?

I am worried about the next couple of days as it totm on tues and normally get the munchies thurs/fri. Also im hoping it wont upset my weigh in too much.

Thanks for you support guys its good to know your here.
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hey as far as i know people only add chilli or garlic? to the soup and no citrus is allowed my dear!!!


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S: 13st13lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.59%)
Thanks for the reply. I added a bit of curry powder to my soup today but if its not allowed then ill have to find something else.


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I've only ever added pepper to my soup, so i ahven't a clue about the curry powder.

The lemon is a no no, but you can have sparkling water. :)


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Well done getting through to day 3, good luck with the rest of the week!!! Caz xx


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Hi, Ive added the curry powder and it tastes great gosh ya defintely need something to make it more appetising. Ya are not allowed lemon in your water but my pharmacist told me today I can add sugar free diluting orange but a very small amount, just enough to colour it really. I've found it very hard to drink just plain water so she told me to start doing this and today I managed 4.5 litres. It was so easier to get down, time will tell next week if it has made a difference to the weight loss, on the lT site it says ya are not allowed to add anything but when I contacted them on the phone they said it was ok as long as it was sugar free and not taking in huge amounts. Well done for getting to day 3, its all a doddle now for ya, gud luck for your first weigh in. Take care