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Day 4 and struggling


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Hi guys,

Well here I am back again! I have to do this now I have really let the weight pile back on.

Anyhow, I am in ketosis, but am still really struggling. I just can't seem to get into the right frame of mind for this, none of my usual tricks seem to work. My tummy is rumbling with hunger. I so want to do this, but the weeks seem to stretch ahead with no food. I had so badly got back into my old eating habits, I don't think that's helping.

So I thought I'd post here in case anyone has any words of inspiration that will help me get through today, at least, then I'll deal with tomorrow tomorrow!!

K xx
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Thats right deal with today , I'm on day 5 today yesterday so hard , i just guess deal with the day as today i'm feeling more stronger , but the days not over with yet , i'm yet to face it , how will it go ? that i just don't know , but i need to go to bed wearing a smile , knowing that i did another day .Come on its another day closer till the end hang it out :)

Deb G

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Keep your head down and keep going. You are at the toughest stage right now, but the rewards will speak for themselves soon. Set yourself some mini-goals to get you through. Soon you'll blink, and months will have passed, along with all the excess weight - and you'llbe glad you stuck it out!
I found putting in goals that are likely to happen quickly a real motivator :) I am on day 1 of week 2 and I've already achieved 2 of my goals, one of which was to get through to day 4 successfull :)

You're right if you think about the weeks ahead that is really scary and off putting but I am already a week down and looking back it seems so short :)

Think of today not the number of weeks you have ahead, you can do this and tomorrow will be easier

Best of luck


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Keep going Kangy, you CAN do this!
Just take one day at a time. even take a couple of hrs say ok so im going to have a shake and fit in 1litre of water between here. Try and keep really busy all the time. And make sure your drinking lots of water.and look you want this to be your last time on cd yes? go on you can do it.look at me god hopeless i tell ya ok ive had 2blips but im still going hun come on you can and will do it. just fight through it. STAY STRONG

best of luck
becky xx
Take it one day at a time...I had bad days in the first couple of weeks...but you just have to be strong and focus hard on why you are here and how much you want to lose the weight....It is DEFINATELY worth it!!My life and my whole outlook has changed(and I'm only half way there!)

I personally used the inspirational slide show a lot...My Sister in law is on it and I knew I wanted to be as successful as her...pick someone on there who you think looks great and think that it could be you(Hope that doesn't sound like I'm a stalker!!!)


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Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement! Nearly there now, and I actually find it easier in the evenings (I figure that, having got this far, it would be a shame to blow this day!:rolleyes:).

Mary Poppins - the slide show was a great idea, really helped me to focus on what i want to achieve. I shall be there alot and yep, I picked a picture to "stalk" too!!!:D

You are all so inspirational and encouraging, thank you for taking the time to post your encouragement it's really helped. I don't know where my euphoria I usually have by now had gone, but hopefully I'll find it soon!!

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