day 4 and struggling...

I'm struggling, quite honestly. The lighterlife meals are generally horrible. It wouldnt be nearly as hard if they didnt taste so vile. I'd rather not eat at all.

I've become quite physically weak too,is this normal?

I'm thinking of switching to Weight Watchers.

anyone have any thoughts?
Hi Jim - hang in there - I didn't turn the corner until about day 6. Have you tried the chocolate hot or maybe the vanilla hot with a spoon of coffee in? - they are much better if you whisk or use a hand blender as they become more frothy and creamy.
Don't give up - at least hang in until your first weigh in - you'll be so impressed with the results you won't want to give up then! - go on - just 3 more days!!!:)
- If you're looking for fast results this is soooo much faster than weight watchers! - think at least 1.5 stones by Xmas!:D
I tried the vanilla with coffee and thought it was awful. have used my blender but that doesn't do much for the taste!

I'm told that men lose up to 4stone in their first 8weeks, so that is a big incentive, im just finding it really hard, because at least with weight watchers you can eat...something pleasant!
Well done for making it to day 4!

Don't give up, not yet!

The first days are the worst by the end of the week you should be feeling much better!

Go to weight watchers if you like but believe me this is much easier and faster once you get in to it properly. I am on day 41 (and counting) I wouldn't say its always easy but I have never managed to stick to anything this long before.

The packs seem better after a few weeks I think your taste buds just get used to it, also you won't have had any of the extras that make life a bit easier yet, ie water flavourings, bars and savoury drinks. There are also a few things you can do with the packs making crisps etc, most of us do it to some degree although it seems a little contraversial wether or not we are actually supposed to!

Please don't give up, give yourself a few weeks to get used to it before you decide. You will regret it if you stop at this early stage.

Treat the foodpacks like medicine, something you need to have even if you don't like them!

The first few days are the worst, please hang in there, I didnt get on with the shakes at all, but I quite like the soup and love the crisps, you get bars next week too. I felt absolutely awful for the first 4 days, then suddenly on day 5 ketosis kicked in, I feel better than I have in years...and so will you. I bet your weight loss at pop in will compensate a lot.

Hang in there .. it gets can do it. Shona
Hey!! you are doing soooo well!! I know the packs taste rotten sometimes but you do get used to them....well most of us do. Prof still takes his all in a one at night (prob with his nose held!)

Some people just don't like the stuff.

I did LL before CD and I didn't find a huge difference in the choc shake taste, it may have changed now, but I find the CD flavours much nicer. Espeically the tetras and bars. If you reeeeeally hate the taste of the LL stuff, maybe you could try CD? It's just VCLD's are such a fab and quick way of losing weight. The pure maths of any other diet just doesn't work out to anything like the same loss.

(you need to use 3500 over the calories you body needs to function in order to lose 1 lb of fat, so cutting your intake by 500 cals each day will give you a loss of 1lb a week)

Don't give up so're more hardcore than this!! :) What do you want more? something that will taste nice for a few minutes or to lose weight? considering you only have the bad taste for a few minutes, is it not worth it?

Up to you, but you should be feeling fabby in the next few days once your body starts burning fat!! little fat burning machine you are!!!

Hi there,

Don't give up just yet, I have a theory that everything tastes of powder - just different flavour powder - but it does definately get more bareable.

Try making the shakes into mousses by mixing them with a little bit of water (using a blender with a drop of water makes them taste like angel delight, using a spoon to mix it will make it like cookie dough or cake mix depending on the flavour).

Once you have got through the first few days you will be flying - literally!

Good luck.
I went through hell my first week too! I had terrible headaches, i thought the soups tasted awful and i spent a lot of time crying. But i didn't start to feel any better until day 12 so please hang in there.

I hate all the bars and soups and the only shakes i like are chocolate & raspberry so i've been living on those for the past 12 weeks :)

You'll find it's all been worth it when you go to your first weigh in ;)
Hi Jim

Stick with it... the first and second week are the hardest... but the weight loss more than makes up for it!! I switched from LL to CD after my second week on LL.. as I had gone off all the soups and bars and only liked a few of the sweet shakes... CD's flavours are much better, again I don't like the soups apart from the Tomato, or the bars (although they are heaps better than the LL ones) but I like the sweet shakes!!!

Think of those clothes hanging off you in a couple of weeks (i've only done 3 weeks and am already down from a 16 to a 14) :)
I believe that LL tastes the same as LT and i know what you mean...the taste is vile

i literally gagged the first coupla shakes...

However, a trick is prehaps to use a straw, that way it doesnt hit the taste receptors...

and your tastebuds do kinda fade in time and they become ok.

I struggled the most with the shakes. I had to use a blender to mix them up and add plenty of ice so it was freezing when I drank it. I also only liked the chocolate shake which tasted ok with the ice cubes/crushed ice.

Stick with it, it will be so worth it at your weigh in. Have you had a pop-in this week to help you along the way, some of the counsellors weigh you at this point to show you the weight loss so far???
I've never done LL so can't personally comment on how they taste or how they compare to CD shakes/soups/bars.

However, I've heard from so many people both on here and my own clients who have previously done LL how much nicer the CD flavours/products are (I've loved them all from Day 1!) that if you really are finding LL a real struggle you may want to think about trying CD instead.

As Coley said, VLCDs really are the very best way to lose weight quickly and safely .. so what have you got to lose except the blubber eh? :)

Good luck with whatever you decide and keep us posted!
Hi Jim, I take it that you're still with us and haven't succumbed to a cheese sandwich?
I could have written your post myself last week ... I still view the shakes in terms of which one do I dislike least as apposed to like best and I tend to think of the whole programme as 'medicine' but I have to say that the flavours are growing on me - the soups become edible when magiced into crisps and I exist for my toffee bars!
It's true that CD is cheaper - but in my experience the products are quite similar - also you wouldn't be getting the councelling which is after all the reason that most people who opt for LL choose it.
I think what's happening now is that you're hitting your wall. You can choose to climb it or yes, you can bail-out and walk around it but why don't you give it til your first weigh-in at least.
I lost 11.5 lbs in week 1 - and with that result, there was only one decision to be made. I'm clawing myself over this wall ... but I will make it!
Come on Jim, just think how good you'll feel when everyone else is making New Years Resolutions and you'll be achieving your goals already.
Wishing you all the best,
:) hey!

:mad: The first week is DEFO the hardest, so seeing as youre almost there hang on in there. Have you been to a pop in session to log your weight loss? have you been on the scales? Your fist weigh in will show you that it really does work. Your taste buds will be in major protest right now but as someone said earlier they really do adjust! Keep picturing the slim you in your minds eye, ithis is what i do when the packs taste like poo....imagine how quickly i will be lapping up praise and bursting, not with flab but with self esteem! imagine how proud of myself im going to be! Imagine the shopping!

:rolleyes: KEEP POSTING!
I like toffee & walnut or vanilla - 1 teaspoon in one mug of coffee - you get 4 or 5 lovely coffees this way. Also desserts & crisps made with added psyllium husks made life more bearable. You have to be creative! Imagine you are on ready steady cook and the packs are your "ingredients". In your allowed storecupboard you have herbs spices etc. I got through LOADS of mustard!
Hang on in there. The results you will get will be worth it. Keep thinking slim. Although I did not have any probs my first week , one of my classmates really struggled, feeling awful however after losing 11.5 lbs in her first week, she carried on . It does get easier Good luck
Hi Jim,

If your counsellor is not right for you, I would consider changing. The first counsellor I contacted I just didn't gel with, so I looked around for an alternative. As for the taste of the LL products, yep some of them are yuk! Having experimented with them in many different ways, I would definately say they are made worse by not getting the mixing right. I suffered lumps in mine for the first few days, which added to my distaste. However, I find it's the paste stage you have just got to get right, smooth no lumps, then add water gradually. I like mine well diluted. Also it sounds like you are going through carb withdrawal, please just hang in there, you will feel so much better soon.