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Day 4 done, all going just fine!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
1st day nearly done - it's not been too bad!!

I'm hungry now though - not in a "I could eat anything and everything you puy in front of me way" but more of a "Ooh I must go and have supper, I'm hungry" way before I remember that there's no food to be had!

Still have 1 tetra left though and about 200mls of water too!

I've also decided I'm not going to weigh myself until the end of the june challenge - will my cdc mind me not wanting to know what I've lost when she weighs me on the 15th?

Ooh - and one other question, is this as bad as it's going to get hunger wise? I can keep going just fine if it's like this until I get in to ketosis, would be nice to know if I'm going to be more hungry tomorrow though!
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Gosh you're brave not being told your weight till then-but you'll have a lovely big loss!!I found the first 3 days were bad hunger wise-after that it got easier.


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hubby said the same thing when I said it to him earlier - but, thing is, when I was trying to lose weight with SW I needed to weigh daily to keep motivated. With this you're either doing it or not and, as I will be sticking to it 100% I know I'm going to lose weight so it's nice to not be fixated by numbers for a change! Plus, as you say, it will be a lovely surprise at the end of june when I find out how much I've lost!
I only found hunger a problem first week but I still get bad cravings but they pass quickly which I'm really starting to realise. You've done well. I definitely think the 1st 3 days are hardest. I think it might get harder later for me with boredom but you've done really well.
Did you find weight loss good with SW? I loved that diet but my wl was very poor - a pound a week for 1 and half stone and then nothing for months so gave up. I wished it worked though for me cos I enjoyed the kind of diet it was. I might maintain with SW food if I get - no when I get to goal


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Sunflower - well done for getting through day 1!
I am on Day 4, and defo feel much better than I did in days 1 to 3. I am still craving, but I have got lots more energy today!!

Faith&Cooper - we are one day apart! Well done for getting through day 3 -I hope tomorrow is better for you as it has been for me.

I don't know what is normal or not - I go to my CDC to be weighed!



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Well done on getting through your first day Sunflowers!!! The hunger gets easier, I've had more cravings rather than hunger as such!

Vicky.. my CDC comes to us to do the WI's but I think the majority of people she sees go to her.

Hi Lady B!!! How you doing.. good to see day 4 has been a good en!!! Day 3 almost over for me, WAHOO!!

Hi Broxi and Polishrose, hope you are both doing ok!!!! XX


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Tara!! Well done on day 3! whoop whoop!

I have a big feeling in my belly that we are all going to do this!!!

Day 4 is nearly done and dusted! I have enjoyed getting on the scales for once!!

Hope you can see my piccy now - I still can't get it uploaded to my profile though :-(
Yep can see your pretty pic in your signature!! Yea me too... glad the scales were your friend today!! :scale:

Wierd you can't get it as your Avatar tho.. I had no probs getting mine on..

I will be regretting it tomorrow but just been on Wii Sports to try and get rid of my bingo wings! :p

I find im peckish at bedtime so i just have a drink of water and take myself off.

Good luck with it all and go you x


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Starry - I wear glasses too! But not when I go out!

I will try it again tomorrow!

I have a Wii too - just brought the fitness coach and I need to get back on with it to loose the pounds! lol.

I am blind as a bat really, lol, I have to wear them all the time. I love wearing them tho. I think my face looks wierd without them now.

Is that the thing with the leg strap etc? I only go on the Wii to play on Mario Cart.. :)



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I use contacts at the weekend on nights out! I am blind as a bat too - but love taking my glasses off to look at my body in the mirror as I look soooooooo slim!! ha ha!

I have a Wii Fit too - but the fitness thing is just a cd....... not tried it yet though. It has good reviews on amazon!

Right I am off to bed hun! See you tomorrow.
night hun!! Have a good day 5! X
yes, I wanted to do 15lbs but they put 20 instead, I think its do-able! x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Starry, is that my June challenge thread in the 100% forum? I'm sorry if I've put you down for the wrong amount, do you want me to change you back to 15lbs?