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    Day 4 and going well - just one question. I used to have a VERY carb-laden diet i.e. the Thursday before I started this on the Friday morning I had Tea, Bacon Sandwich, Chicken Roll with Bacon and bbq sauce and chips and a pizza!!! Since Friday AM I have been SS'ing and stuck to it 100% (the only extra I have had is Extras Mint Dissolvable Strips). I feel a little hungry today; rumbling stomach etc - does that mean I am NOT in ketosis? - I would be hoping to be by now!

    & woops! - I know I said one question - does it matter??


    A xx
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    I would expect that you will certainly be getting toeards ketosis if you're not already there yet.
    It's day 4 today for me. I tested this morning and i am very lightly into ketosis but i'm starving!!!!!
    I know from the first time i did CD that it takes a few days to get really established so just hang in there!
    Also dont forget you can still feel a bit hungry on CD even when your in ketosis. The good thing is it's just psychological hunger and will go waya when you do something to distract yourself! :)
  4. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    Thanks Helen x
  5. poppa134

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    Achelois I've been doing it for 7 weeks(OMG!!) now and I still get the odd time when I get hungry. I think its as Helen says some of its pyschological. I find that if I drink a few glasss es of water and go and do something I'm usually fine and get past it. as far as ketosis goes I think I got obsessed with the ketostix in the beginning and dont even use them any more, cos I know if I've stuck to it I should be in.

  6. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    I havent even got the stick - I just wanted to have the "knowledge" that I AM burning fat but dont want to get on the scales before WI in on Thursday night - want that bit to be a surprise/reward for effort!

    Thanks for the info though!

    A xx
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    My CDC gave me a few of the strips on my first meeting with her to test on the 4th day to check to see if I was in ketosis. I know you can buy them from the chemist or off your CDC.

    I was willing to eat my own arm on day 4 not because I was hungry just because I wanted to eat. So your not alone!!

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