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Day 4 Lipotrim Tfr


It's like any other diet really, though with this one I guess you have to be more careful.
The first week on the diet most of the weight you lose is water, once your body is in ketosis you will then start loosing the stored fat.

When you are ready to come off the diet, you must follow the refeed plan and ensure you are eating healthy and exersizing to keep the weight off like any other diet.

If you come off the diet and just start eating large amounts of food, then you would put the weight back on rather quickly. Though I'm sure you are limited to what you can actually eat before feeling sick considering how long you have gone without food.
Thanks so much for reply only starting not feeling
as bad today day 4 what diet is best to follow once
you come off
I have 3 stone to loose feels like mamoth task at
moment !!
You will lose that 3 stone in no time, I have alot more then that to lose before I get to where I need to be.

If you want to follow a diet after this, then I guess personal preference for yourself would be best.
I think when I fully come off LT diet, I will just have a heathier lifestyle, eating healthier with smaller portions and exersize more. That way I don't really have to limit what I want to eat, just insure that I keep active and not over indulge.
i did LT 2 years ago and lost 5 stone in 3 months i have put 1st back on in those 2 years but thats totally my fault with xmas and a few all inc holidays i did over indulge if you watch what you eat there is no reason the weight should go back on but at least one week of refeed dont just stop the diet at your ideal weight and start eating normally again good luck with it you will shift that weight in no time :) x
That's a fantastic loss Donna!! Well done x

That is very inspiring as i need to lose a little more than you did, and i was hoping to get there before Xmas, so at least i know it is possible.. Thank you x
You will get there in no time good luck x
Thanks so much everyone for such posiivity
Wish everyone so positive my husband v negative
about diet he has never ever had a weight problem
and all his family really skinny so Im treated like
a monster !
2 sizes smaller i find maintaining fine i just eat normally dont really cut anything out just have smaller portions and limit treats once you finish LT and do your refeed week it tells you how much you should have of things like pasta and i thought it didnt seem alot but when you eat it you are actually full and when i compared it to my portion sizes before i started LT i realised why i had a weight issue!

Wamser you will always get negative people you just prove them wrong! x
Thanks Donna u must feel really proud of
yourself well done I will defo prove them wrong
This site is brilliant !
Hello Wamster

It must be difficult for you not having a supportive partner. My partner is really supportive and helps me alot with it.

I find that although he is supportive he doesn't really know what it's like to be doing the diet and that's why I like it on this site to be able to talk to other people who are all in the same boat doing the same diet.

Good luck on your journery, I'm sure you will do great and prove them all wrong.
Hi 2 sizes smaller
I have 3 stone to loose not private at all !
Bit of a technical veg so not able to put
up the graph !
I'm 5'5" and weigh 178 lbs target is 9st 12 on lipotrim
then get to 9st 7 and STAY there !
Hi Wamser

Your like me! I'm 5ft 5 and weigh 182lbs. Was 200lbs to start with. Would be even happy at 10 stone if I could maintain it. The diet is brilliant the results speak for itself. On are you finding it? Are you steering clear of social outings?
Hi Frozen Angel
He is supportive with eveything but I think
he genuinely cannot understand emotional or
unconcious eating as he has a balanced lifestyle !
2 sizes smaller
No Im on holiday without my child !!
But think it's easier to get through my
first week this way as I hve no cooking
to do and can hve lots of peppermint tea
made for me

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