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xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
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Stick with it hun, once you're in ketosis properly it will pass. The first week is the worst and when that first weight loss weigh in comes around you'll feel loads better x
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im not like addicted or something to any particular food but i just keep feeling like having some nachos and cheese!
gosh i really miss eating something, anything at all :(
weigh in is on coming friday so i hope that'll be worth it.


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You will find that you do crave things like cheese hun, it's normal to crave carb foods, it's hard i know but don't give in you will feel so low if you do, you are over half way in first week, 2 more days till WI, you can do it!!


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I promise it will get better - and yes your weigh in on Friday will give you a massive boost. Hopefully you're feeling a bit better today? Ketosis should be kicking in about now and that makes a massive difference.

Just to warn you, the next tricky bit is 3-4 weeks in, so brace yourself! Once you get through that sticky patch it's fine if you keep your goal(s) in mind, and keep drinking the water.

Good luck

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Hi hun the 4th day is the worst hun, just got thru it myself JUST, now you will have tricky half hours for the next few weeks and then it will be tricky moments it gets easier and easier, just focus on each weigh in hun, you are nearly there. x


Having a mid-life crisis
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Echo all the others, if you can get through day 4 and the first week then you're over the worst, then its onwards and upwards
Agree with everything said above hun, I'm on my 7th week now, and honestly, it's just flown by, I've not had any hunger pangs for weeks now, and it's true, you really do start to become more detached and less interested in food - the worst is nearly over!
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I found the opposite Dunders. I am slightly obsessed with cooking! I'm never really tempted to eat the food but I love the process of preparing and cooking food. I'm always trying to think of healthier options. I do crave green veg at the moment like cabbage and brocolli. But I do agree the first week is very tough, the first weigh in realy makes it worth it though. And once you settle in on the diet it does just seem to fly by. But yes I still constantly think of cooking...I think some people recently said they were dreaming of eating and woke up in panicks that thy'd cheated lol. So you're not alone Thinking! Good luck with your weigh in it's not long now! Let us know how you got on!


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Like everyone else has said day 4 is definitely one of the worst days. Get through today and see how you feel tomorrow - i'm sure you'll have loads of energy, less hunger pangs and wonder why you felt like that yesterday. See if you can get some ketostix as they can help with the psychological battle - if you know you're in ketosis and how hard it was to get there then you won't want to undo the hard work.

Keep reading the forum too, it has got me through my hard days. Just think, if you do lose the average 14lbs a month then you'll be done in no time and back eating nice healthy food. It'll be worth it in the end.

Oh, and drink lots of water. Not only does it help you feel full but it really helps with weight loss too.

Good luck for your 1st WI.
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oh I totally dreamnt that I cheated in my dream that I had a cupcake! when I woke up at 4am I was like damn I ate something!
Lol it wasnt until later that I figured that it was just a dream. Haha
Hi dear! I'm on my third day, and i feel the same. The hunger pains are something serious, and i can't sleep at night with them!!!

I've found it's helping me making my shakes thicker, like just whisking them in a bowl... so i feel like i'm actually eating rather than just having a drink!

Also, plenty of water is helping me to.

I'm very up and down, for a while i'll feel ok then all of a sudden i'll be like "ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!".

Feeling positive and looking forward to the eventual out come though!

There's a great quote going around here, about eating not being nearly as great as the feeling of being slim... so just think about how little joy the food will actually give you compared to reaching your goal.

*hugz*, feel your pain miss x
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you will get through ti...positive thinking all the way! and drink tons of water

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