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Day 4 \o/


Recovering Cookie Addict
When I started LT I told myself I'd take it one day at a time. Somehow I have made it to day 4 and so far so good. I was woken early this morning though by my cats so am going to take a wander into town and browse the shops, eye up what I'll buy myself as a reward for the first stone off heh I'm a little worried that today will be a much longer day for me than usual so am contemplating a nap when I get back to fend off any hunger pangs and delay my lunchtime shake. How do you all cope with your long days? So far I've not experienced any knawing hunger pangs but think today may be a perfect day for them to start. Other than keeping my mind busy or distracted any other advice?
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Recovering Cookie Addict
Oh, and I forgot to mention, I was good yesterday and managed to squeeze that last shake in before I went to bed. Probably just as well since I'm off out today, don't want to be feeling dizzy when there is important shopping to be done! lol
Have a great day "shopping" hun. If you have long days, try splitting your packs in half so you have "more" during the day, and keep glugging the water. It is so hard to get the water into yourself when you are out and about x x
Enjoy the shops! I find weekends a bit harder than working days, but as my weigh in day is Monday it keeps me motivated. Your hunger pangs shouldn't be too bad now - you will be in ketosis round about now and that should keep them subdued. Having said that drinking water (steadily) will help, and I find that fizzy water fills me a bit more than still. You can really start looking forward to your weigh in now too which will spur you on!

Hi Cookeh and everyone!

I see we have a similar amount of weight to lose Cookeh!

I am on day 3 and since ysterday afternoon have felt constantly hungry, so count yourself really lucky that you've not had any pangs fair play!

I'm stuck inside with a deadline to finish an essay for college this weekend :(

This morning I woke up feeling great, but now have a headache and feel quite hungry, I had a shake at 10 and am now drinking a cup of peppermint tea which I love!

A few hunger pangs will not stop me though, everyone says that after day 4 they start to dissapear...has that been everyones experience?

The "shopping" idea is great, I'm going to do that myself...might to some "internet shopping" today...strictly size 10-12!



Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks for the replies everyone....

Eclipse - how on earth do you split the sachet? hehe Im sure I would end up making a big powdery mess everywhere. Sounds a great idea though.

Dunlop - Yes! Fizzy water is definitely the way to go! Thankfully I had already weaned myself off the diet coke way before I contemplated LT again so was drinking fizzy water anyway, only now Im trying to drink more. Plus, it's handy having the bottles because you know right away how much fluid you've had.

FINF (Sorry, I can't bring myself to call you fat!! ^.^ ) - Ack, sorry to hear the hunger's been getting to you, tbh I think for me it was just mind over matter. I probably was feeling hungry but I refused to think about it because I knew the first few days would be rough, but now I'm wondering if it's the next few days that will be lol Well done on getting through these first few days though despite the hunger, you're obviously determined :)

Last time I did LT I had bad headaches around about this time due to caffiene withdrawal, that may be what's contributing to yours. I've been having just one cup of green tea a day. Not sure if there's that much caffiene in it, but am thinking all the antioxidants hopefully outweigh the caffiene hehe

Woot! Enjoy your internet shopping! I came back practically empty handed but enjoyed my browse. Pity it was P'ing down outside the whole time otherwise I maybe would have wandered for longer.
I tink the best thing to do for long days is spread your shakes out i try not to have my first til near 11 i usually have my first at half 6 during the week so this makes a huge difference i always drink more water during the weekend as well. keeping busy an using mind over matter does work as well. I tink its really about self control you are gonna feel hungry at some point of course you will your only having 425 calories a day. Getting out of the house will make the day go faster just make sure you keep drinking water coz sometimes extended periods of walking make you dizzy etc.

you will find your own way of getting threw the weekends for some its relaxing with tea on front of the tv then a bath and pampering before bed and for others its exercise as your only on day 4 exercise prob isnt a good idea but just strolling around will help alot.

Enjoy your shopping and you will know wen you need your shake as you are having a longer day you will have no trouble fitting in all 3 shakes.
A few hunger pangs will not stop me though, everyone says that after day 4 they start to dissapear...has that been everyones experience?


I must be perfectly honest with you i was starving til week 3 didnt tink i wud ever be full it was mostly in my head i tink or my stomach was just extra big hahaha! Now im only hungry close to the times i wud have my shakes then after im full even bloated sometimes.

It really is different for everyone the general opinion is that you stop feeling hungry at day 3,4 or 5 because you enter the chemical state of ketosis where your body starts creating energy from sorted fat. I was definitely in ketosis on day 4 but the hunger pangs did not stop. I believ that in some ways your brain is the thing dats telling you, you shud be hungry now. Lipotrim has made me aware of wen I really am hungry rather than just believing i shud be hungry.

good luck with the essay and the rest of your first week!


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks for the reply Ann Marie, and you just made me remember something. I'm sure I read somewhere that a lot of the time when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty? Hmm... I guess I will keep that in mind should the hunger strike and fill up with fizzy water until my shake time arrives.

I was also reading the "How to make the first week fly" thread and someone posted that they go for naps and have early nights. I have to admit that's what I've been doing too and it's definitely helping. Even though I don't always fall asleep, just lying in bed thinking about how fabulous I'll look when I'm slim helps!! haha

You also answered another question I had in my mind which was how many days does it take to enter ketosis. Im on day 4 so am guessing Im either in it or entering it very soon, fingers crossed!
Hey dats a brilliant thread it started wen i had just started on lipotrim an was really handy. my first two weeks consisted of me goin to work coming home from work getting my duvet and lying on the sofa watching tv. i cudnt manage anything else and it wont effect your weight loss coz your advised to do no exercise the first 2 weeks anyway.

Usually signs of being in ketosis is a weird taste in your mouth and smelly breath i tink dats the most noticeable ting in the first week. Hunger pangs dimish rather suddenly or gradually depending on the personal and prob the last ting to happen is you have more energy.

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