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Day 4 of re-start.. help! (food mentioned as i am starving!)

i am in ketosis but not fully as i am just so hungry.

i know i can do this but day 4 is tough isn't it? i have just cooked tandoori chicken and rice for the kids followed by ice-cream and grapes and i am so hungry for anything, the custard creams are calling me!! :wave_cry:

i have 4 cd a day as i am tall and plenty of water but i need some moral support too...

anyone else feel my "pain"??
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Yep, i'm on day 6 and right there with you ... i did this for 6 months last time, lord knows how! Keep going, i just went for a shower just so i wouldn't eat!
Hi BooBooChicken

I'm also on day 4 (restart) of Cambridge,
Found yesterday the worst so far, today seems a little better.
I think what really helped me was reading and re-reading the 50+ reasons to lose weight for the low moments thread. Very good for focusing the mind!
I've also been drinking stacks of water, black coffee and green tea.
Just keep thinking about weigh day and how over the moon you will feel.
I'm lucky as my husband is cooking for himself till i can cope with this. (but i can still smell it. Ahhhh!)
I think i go the other way, as i want to do is watch cooking programmes.

Hope you feel better soon,
You can do it, you really can.


Silver Member
I'm also a re starter & am on day 5 of hardcore cd! It's a killer, but it is getting a bit easier. I'm hoping that once the dreaded weekend is out the way I'll be ok.
I just keep visualising myself in my pre preg dresses in summer & that helps a bit.

It doesn't help that (thanks to my mum) i've got a major biscuit craving going on!
thanks all, it really helps to know others are right there with you. i WILL feel better soon, and i am 100%, as i was the other two times i have been on cd but it is tough.

i DO need to concentrate my mind on the end result, 2 months hardcore ss and i could be at goal...

thanks for your all your support and advice, i am going for my second hot bath of the day to distract myself from food..!
That's the spirit,
Your journey will be so much shorter this time.

Just got out of my lovely warm bath of the day,
thanks jems, i know in a few days i too will be watching cooking progs or "food porn" as i believe it is known!
Ahh that's what it is called, lol, i thought i was the only one with a sick obsession with 'come dine with me' etc....


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Cleaning your teeth helps if your hungry :)
thanks ladyhemlock but like an idiot, last night i succumbed to 2 pieces of ham and a wee bit cheese. so far, so bad.

but then i compounded it by having a bit of chocolate spread and honey on the end of my finger.

what a div, i knocked myself out of ketosis and have to go back through the pain barrier...

at least that will teach me that IT IS NOT WORTH CHEATING!!!
yep add another hungry soul in here too and the thought of that tandori chicken is enough to make me drool


Peggy McParrot
day four too. food porn is the only thing on the s####g tv. lol

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