Day 4 - the joy of being in ketosis


Hi Everyone
It's day 4 for me and at last I am in ketoisis. It's wonderful not to be feeling hungry and I feel very positive in my mind. Its 78 days till my holiday to Canada and I will shock my friends and family (I hope!) in my size 10 jeans.

Spliting my packs as well so I feel as though I am eating constantly :p

Will try out some of the recipes to, to vary my "meals" each day :rolleyes:

Ooooh Eva,
well done to you :D sounds like you have a great routine there and its obv working :p

You sure will give everyone a shock when you go to Cananda, stick to the rules and you'll reap the rewards :D

Keep shaking :)
Well done definately easier once you are in ketosis.

Keep using your holiday to Canada as an incentive and you will get there!:)