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Day 4...The sunday dinner test

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My mum loves to make us all a big sunday dinner. And I luurrvvveee my mumy's big sunday dinners. But...

Well, ya all know 'but'. Only 4 ppl know that me and OH are doing this -me, OH, The Chemist and my son. I haven't told anyone and dont plan to for as long as I can avoid it. PPL always think they know whats best, or give it the whole 'one wee bit wont hurt' -or even worse 'what about Atkins even?' -and when I did Atkins ppl didn't approve of that either!!:(

So wee mummy of mine has invited us down for yummy sunday dindins -and I had such a hard time fobbing her off. I just know that when I bring the kids down to her in a little while she's gonna try to force the issue again.:sigh:
I know thats what mothers do -nurturing and all that -but I promise, once I have this weight off me and am maintaining some sort of activity with which to burn off her mammoth portions -I will dive into a big sunday dinner!! I think if I can wait, so can everyone else cus its me thats doing the hunger bit.:p:p:p:p
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good luck hun ! i know you say that your mother wouldnt approve of you doing this diet and would still try and make you eat etc but do you not think it may still be easier to tell her what you are doing? it may be a nightmare to have to keep trying to put off going for a sunday roast every time she asks you and it will just make it harder for you...although you say she wont like that you're doing lipotrim at least she will know why you cant go and eat there with her.

just try and explain to her the reasons why you are doing the diet,not just to lose weight but to break bad habits that are causing you to gain weight in the first place and become a healthier person. best of luck anyway. just thought it may be easier to come clean about the diet rather than turning down the dinner offers and trying to find excuses xxxxxxx
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I will tell eventually. Prob when making excuses gets a bit ridiculous. I'm hopin by then I will have lost enough weight for ppl to take me seriously. I've tried this and other diets before and am sick of the embarrassment of all these big woop woop attempts only to fall again. On friday when I asked for a cup of balck tea she gawked at me and said 'black tea? Why? What are you on?' I found it funny mind, I'm so bad with dieting that a simple cup of black tea and she has me sussed right away lol. She knows I'm 'being good' so that'll buy me a week or two more. I will tell her, I agree with you completely Nic, but for a while -while I get settled and into this its just easier for me to not have anyone know about it. All I'll do is yap and moan to them anyway -its as much for their benefit as it is for mine ;)
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Completely understand your point. I can't tell my dad what im doing as he will just say its not normal not eating blah blah! And when i go roun and i have to ask for no milk hes like "what?" just have milk stop being silly! Its so anoying, i find it easier just saying im not thursty.

Day 8 now feelin good lost 13 pounds :-D, feel very happy!
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol -parents eh? They never stop being mummy' or 'daddy' do they? Its a fate for myself I have accepted...if my child came to me and said they were doing this I probably wouldn't want them to either you know. lol. Such is life.

Keep doing what ya need to Yummymummy and I will too -we'll emerge from our LT coccoon bbeeeaauuttifooll butterflies ;) ;) lol
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I understand your situation entirely. I have told very few people I am on LT and have managed to avoid telling others. We did go round my inlaws for Sunday lunch one week but she was lovely and understanding when I said I wouldn't be eating with them. I just said I had already eaten and she accepted that.

Good luck hun.



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ohh help

The smell of the roast dinner has made my stomach rumble and they are all sitting eating it now and I can't have any...I think I need to go for a walk or something arghhhhhhhhh help.
Yep it's my first day!!
i know what you mean i have just made my lot a sunday dinner it smells sooooo good i sit with them at the table whats funny i am not bothered but they feel realy guilty that they are eating and i am not i tell the kids its ok mum doesnt mind not havin dinner going to make them rice pudding soon wish me luck ha ha..jenni
I told everyone in my life that I was going on LT, that way I knew I would be too stubborn to stop :giggle:

My family have been amazing, but I have to say that the 'sunday dinner' issue is the reason I dont go to my parents house or my grandparents house on a Sunday since being on LT ! ! ! I have been cooking more or less the whole way through, I have cooked everything, from fries to spuds and meat etc, but I know the smell of my mummy or my granny's sunday dinner would send me mad :giggle:


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S: 19st6lb C: 19st3lb G: 12st4lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.1%)
Positive from a negative

I guess pretty much managed to turn that negative stimulus of the dinner into a positive by having a 20 minutes walk. Exercise I hadn't planned for and had not been motivated to do before that aroma sent me insane ...bonus.

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