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Day 4...

I'm day 2 and felt great yesterday but today i feel awful. Just wish i could curl up in bed and let it pass. I'm not hungry or craving just headache and sick feeling. Is that normal? x
Hello Shan, apparently it is for some people, hang in there it will pass, that I promise you. Do not despair Shan keeping us updated and we will try to keep you going.
I have had the headaches shan but not the sick feeling. I felt pretty rough yesterday...hot really that hungry, just a bit unwell. Feel ok today tho xx


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hi everyone , im on day 2 just wondering how will i know im in ketosis ? I havent got the sticks !


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It's difficult to say but generally you'll suddenly notice it's time to eat but you haven't been so hungry and your breath may smell a bit like nail polish remover, but I generally know by the odd, slightly metalic taste in my mouth. I was there on day 3 but on lighterlife it was more like 6 days.
Hi Rose, get yourself some sticks, they are very cheap. I got from Amazon. I have the horrible taste in my mouth from day 3 and has stayed eversince.

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Shan no need to fear.. hehe that totally sick feeling.. almost an 'am I pregnant morning sickness' feeling affects a few of us.. It is horrible but honestly hang in there.. early to bed and I took some paracetamol for the headaches rather than inbroufen etc, as they can unsettle and empty stomach even more.
Also ... the larger intake of water can almost 'slosh' making you feel worse... the symptoms of being on a boat about to be shipwrecked do start to settle. This first week is the worst bare with it.. it is so worth it and every day you manage is a day closer to being to one morning wake up and thinking hey! some thing is different AHHhhhh I feel ok !

The ketosis I think varies from person to person and their bodies.. most things say three days as the body consumes the sugars found in the long muscles fist I believe.. probably wrong... I found that it didnt kick in fully until day 9! hehe and I was a very very good girl every day I was and am 100%.. i think it is just depending on how quickly are bodies adjust to the process.. but! but! but! I did start to feel those symptoms you are talking about eased even without being in full ketosis.. so dont fret too much about it.
Well Hello Short and and absolutely Stunning how was your day? Had to admit I battled a bit, was invited out to lunch, decided to go, bad mistake. Anyway did not cheat just drank water.


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Hang in there, if us men can do it I'm sure you can....:cool:


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yes might take a bit longer but i am hanging and nearly choking lol. but i am still on track and not heading to give up yet, which is good for me, i caved on cd, but i do enjoy this one, so that helps.

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