Day 4


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Thought I would update after yesterday's moan.

Today has been better so far. I haven't felt AS hungry, although the tummy is still rumbling) so I hoping it's a sign that I'm starting to enter Kitosis.

Had the fruits of the forest shake for breakfast and had the the chocolate shake with hot water for lunch, so it felt like drinking hot chocolate - very tasty. Had one glass of water, 2 cups of black coffee and half my ltr bottle of water so I need to up that before this evening.

Good news is I'm wearing jeans for the first time in months and I'm actually wearing my next jeans (which I haven't be able to fit into for ages) and so far so good. Not too uncomfortable - I'll let you know if this changes by the end of the day.

I've also got AF this morning (only 12 weeks late) so I'm not ruling out the possiblility that the jeans only fit because my af belly has gone down
I shall find out on Monday evening (first weigh-in) - only 4 more days to go