Day 4!!


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Ok so im going to hide the scales from myself im jumping on and off them like a child on a trampolene lol i bought them on sunday and i remember now why i dont like having them in the house, i get quite obsessed with them, so im 13st 2.5lb and im going to weigh in again on monday.

Today Im going to be a bit more strict with myself where my main meal is concerned, the past few day ive been having a bit more meat than allowed so i will nip that in the bud. Also does anyone know where snacks are concerned if its beter to just have the likes of a salad without the meat or the cheese or tuna etc? Any help would be great, thanks in advance!

Hope everyone has a good day im off to get the kids ready for nursery - and have a yummylicious shake lol
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Hmmmm can't help you sorry Emily... this is so much harder to gauge than LT as that was easy... shakes & no food...

I'm on day 3 so can only tell you what I've been doing so far

Day 1

2 shakes, 1 soup, no food

Day 2

1 shakes, 1 soup & an apple, very very small salad bowl (lettuce, courgette, tomato, grated carrot) with a slice of ham (fat off)

Day 3 (so far)

Morning shake & an apple for lunch.... planning on having a soup when I get back home & another shake & apple.

PS I'm a bugger for the scales too ;) Chuffed with the result so far but not announcing it until my proper weeks WI as I don't want to jinx it lol


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lol hmmm i seem to have been being very good to myself where snacks are concerned compared to you - i almost - not quit - feel guilty now lol..... hmm might give the snacks a miss after my weigh in if ive not done well, time will tell.

as for the scales im going to hide them somewhere, or get my friend to hide them and only tell me on weigh in day where lol