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Day 5 and feel dreadful

take a deep breath and hang in there ..it does get better..if you feel really dreadful some people on here find a small amount of lean protein helps..good luck huni xx
thanks, I suspect it's withdrawal of something or other :(


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Gina have a little nibble of some chicken or a teeny bit of ham x And get a Nurofen into you! I've had to take headache tablets the past two days...today, still dizzy, still hungry but hanging in there...results are astounding so it's worth it x
I have taken to my bed with a cup of tea with some milk and the paracetamol. Feeling better for lying down xx
I get carb withdrawals everytime I start VLCD - usually between day 3-7 - then I feel fine again. I also found drinking water really helped together with a few minutes rest. Keep going - it will be worth it in the end
I think it must be a carb withdrawal thing, as I was a fairly heavy wine drinker before starting this, as well as other carbs like bread etc :(

I felt better as the day went on, with some caffeine and a lot of water, as well as my three packs.

Tired now tho!
I hope you feel better, I've had withdrawal headaches before and they're awful, take some painkillers and watch a favourite film to take your mind off things :)
Hi Gina...how are you feeling today? did another nights sleep help? I was quite lucky with the withdrawal bit..cos i used to be banded i could not eat very much rice, pasta, potato and bread was a huge no no..and i think i got so used to not having them in my diet that i never wanted them after i was un banded either...

I know the start of the TS is quite hard to get through but the results really speak for themselves.. Just look at peoples sigs to see how the weight just drops off if you stick to it ..good luck huni xxxxx
I felt so good today that the kids and I did the first coat of paint on the study walls :)
Hi Gina,
Just read your post, so glad you're feling better and in the 'zone' again. It really WILL be worth it when you step on the scales. I can say that and mean it too, it really WILL WILL WILL be worth it :D
Oddly, for as much as I lost in the first week, I've tested a few times and not once have I been in ketosis so I'm not sure what that's all about. I had headaches on the first 2 days and sometimes every now and again if I don't drink enough water. Just battle through it when you feel like that and you'll be pleased you did at the end of the week :) Best of luck xxxx
Hi Gina - just read your thread and glad to hear that you are feeling better today. Keep drinking the fluids too and it will help. The results are going to be worth the withdrawals, so keep going! :D:D:D

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