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Day 5 and finally feel great!

Hey guys :D
Day 5 today... got up for work this morning and thought...I finally feel great. Headache gone, low mood gone, hunger practically gone....whoop whoop. Am sooooo happy that I stuck with it because day 3 and 4 were hell and I was thinking what have I gotten myself into. For anyone reading this who is just in the first few days, stick with it because if you could feel like I do tonite you'd be so proud of yourself.
Cant wait for Monday morning for my weigh in....bring it on....im ready for you now :D
How is everyone else doing?
Glitzy X
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That's great Glitzy!!! It can be so hard the first few days, so it's brilliant to hear you have got through it... Keep going hun x x


Fighting for My Health
Well done :)



Never Ever Give Up!
Well done you! :D x


addicted to minimins!!
good job girlie,, i see we have about the same amount to lose as well, good luck for the weigh in! :) x
Great feeling innit :D

On my 1st go i suffered like a biatch for a full week before i woke up that saturday morning. Took me about 10 mins to realise that wait a minute i dont feel sick, light headed or moody anymore. Laid still for about 10 mins more to make sure it never came back lol. Just remember how good it feels hun.
Hey guys!
Loser 85...thats very funny...you were afraid to move incase the sick feeling came back. Yep I was the same when I got out of bed too as I couldnt believe that I felt like me again. Even woke my husband to tell him...which wasnt appreciated at 6am :D

Pudge...hows my fellow corconian doing? Yep its great to see other people with the same stats as you...weigh day tomorrow morning....cant wait. Will keep ye posted :D
im on 5th day and i am actually struggling. i'm not exaggerating eiether. im drinking 3 strawberry milkshakes a day and i hate it really struggle with especially when the others around me eat. im 14 stone and want to get to eiether 9 or 10 and ive been told to stick with it till april but omg i cant imagine doing this this long. but i really want to do it. im hoping to find someone on here to help me through it or give advice or something x maria x


addicted to minimins!!
hey mariacarr... we are all here to support you and give you advice when youre struggling! if you want it bad enough you CAN do this!! push all your previous attempts at diets aside,,this is a whole different thing!
why not start a diary in the diary section? that way you can write down how you feel each day, which is really helpful to see where youre making mistakes and also just to get your emotions out. Also if you do a daily diary, we can all have a nosey and keep up to date with how youre getting on and then we can help you out when youre feeling down or you just need a positive talking to!!

Also the more you post the more room you get in your signature. So you see the way i have all my goals written underneath, if you post 50 posts you can get some room and then you can write down lots of mini goals so that your weight loss journey doesnt seem so long! and you can tick them off as you go which helps!

And why not make a chart of the days you will be on LT and cross each one off as you go! thats what i do and it really helps!...:)

Anyway if you need any advice or anything just post a new thread in the lipotrim section and we will help you out! we are a friendly bunch! :)

smile :) youre on an amazing life changing journey! and youve made it happen! be proud of every day that you complete!.. positive vibes being sent your way xxx
thanks pudge, i have a calender that i tick off everyday and ive just done my first diary page its called ria diva :) thanks alot iv gotta say its alot easier being able to talk to people who have experienced this or who are. ive just had my nightly milkshake and glass of water and im feeling alot more positive to how i was feeling a hr ago :) x


addicted to minimins!!
thats great news!... its all in your head this diet so try and keep positive.. when youre struggling come on here and have a read of other peoples diarys and look at inspirational before and after pictures and it should help. Remember cravings will always pass,, :D i look forward to reading how youre getting on :) .. i have the chart on the back of my bathroom door and its a lifesaver :) were all in the same boat hun and no problem is off limits... have a good nights sleep and tomorrow is a new day :) xxx

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