Day 5 and going strong!!!


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Hello Everyone,

I started cd on Thursday, but was apprehensive as I was going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!
Thursday was ok. Friday, I ended up sitting on a table next to the buffet but managed to just keep drinking my water and Saturday coped with having to sit in the service station going down South while hubby and the rest of the people tucked into their was really hard. I wasn't hungry but WANTED to eat as well.
I'm glad now that I was good and stuck to my shakes, I've got day 5 over and looking forward to my 1st weigh in on Thursday.

Chris. xx
Well done ... it gets easier every day from now on! Keep going and you'll have a great loss on the first weigh in. Good luck!
It sounds like you've got the right frame of mind and determination to succeed!
Good luck with your first weigh in. I'm sure you'll be chuffed to bits that you've stuck with it!
Well done