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Day 5 and it's getting better

Morning folks.
Well that was only what i can describe as a hellish weekend !!

Day 3 nearly tipped me over the edge, had to go to a friends for an afternoon party, there was loads of stuff, mini pizza, sausage rolls etc..
Everyone was munching, but i kept on the water all afternoon (had my shake before i went)

Am so glad i did, as day 4 was slightly better, and today, day 5 i'm feeling a lot better again, presumably i'm in Ketosis now, but tend to be getting slight headaches.
Mind you, dont think the ice cold water is helping the brain freeze :D

Hope everyone had a good weekend..

Who else is on day5 ??

I'm actually going to weigh in tomorrow, which is day 6, instead of day 7 as i have previous commitments, so hope my loss is still enough to make me happy. :)

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Hey! Im on day five as well...every day gets a tiny bit easier i find...but i do not envy you, that sounds hellish being surrounding by yummy food with people munching! I find it hard enough looking at food through windows lol!....

I just keep thinking about the meal i am going to have when i get to my target and it keeps me going...lol (warped i know!)

Ive got my weigh in tomorrow as well because ive got to work wednesday....dreading it! If it says iv lost none ill be furious lol
Oh it was pure hell seeing everyone eat !
And to make things worse, someone has just brought in homemade Caramel shortbread !

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!

Smells lovely, but looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

I will resist ! ;)


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I am also on day 5 today , you did say your on 3 packs if the headaches don't lift might be a good idea to see how you go on 4 packs ? Well sunday was a killer for me to see my sister eating a lovely roast . Woke up with dry awful tasting mouth , a slight headache but i'm ok now , think the key is to move around slowly nothing to sudden when feeling like that . so Tomtom thats good your are feeling it , i'm loving it lol . Its a rollercoaster diet but the results is what its about . So you are weighing in tuesday , my weigh in will be thursday morning , as i started thursday . So what do you think you've lost so far Tomtom ?
Weigh in is tomorrow, although it was supposed to be wednesday or thursday, so still, end of day 6 is fine.
At the moment, i dont feel i've lost anything at all, but i'm sure i will have.
Not weighed myself at all, so i'll just have to see what the CDC scales say.
They were at 16st 1lb last wednesday night, so anything under 15st 9lb and i'll be chuffed. :)

Headaches come and go, so not overy worried yet. :)
I'm also on day five and feeling much better today. Day three and four were killers for me, but I am glad I perservered. I really couldn't keep going with something that made me all weak and pathetic, but today I feel pretty like my normal self only less bloated and (I suspect) quite a bit slimmer!

I am very glad that the weekend is gone - I found it hard to exclude myself from the family meals and especially to miss out on our traditional Friday night curry. However, I know that this needs doing and I am determined to stick to this month of SS without cheating in any way. The sooner the weight is gone the sooner I can start being like a normal person again (but not going back to my bad habits).


Strong women stay slim
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good luck with the weigh in Tomtom i'm sure it will be a nice big one ! Will you be SS on christmas day ?
Good luck! The weekends are hideous just keep busy! I'm on week 8 and actually its the first weekend I dint have a mard so it get easier...honest! Good luck, make sure you post your first loss.


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i reckon you will be well under 15.9


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Hi all, I'm on day 6 and weigh in tomorrow. I found day 3 awful but I am prepared to cheat a bit (I had one extra shake) rather than give up on everything. I was very busy over the weekend so hardly thought about it. In fact, I simply can't believe that I feel okay when I am getting so little into me! I'm not even missing the eveing glass of wine (or two). I can already see the difference in my shape and my husband keeps going on about how my face is changing. I feel really motivated by the whole thing at the moment. Brilliant!

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