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Day 5 and need support!!!!

Hi everyone

Ok people my name is natalie and am on day 5 of CDss and so far this has definately been my hardest day.
Not really been hungry but think its mostly due to lack of sleep (3 kids keeping me awake) and hubby has popped muscle in his shoulder so I have had to do everything so am exhausted!!

I have read other posts and most ppl say the first 4 days are the hardest so think its just been a bit delayed in me lol

Ok so I had my 1st weigh in and was a whopping 16st and am quite disgusted in myself,but after alot of crying have finally got the courage to do something about it.:cry:

So here I am looking for a bit of moral support really,am due 1st weigh in since starting on monday so will keep you posted.

A hugh well done to all the successors on this website and a massive thankyou to the makers of this website.

Natalie xxxx
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Hi Natalie,

I am also on day 5. Feeling quite proud as my husband is working and I have cooked curry and naan breads for my three teenage son.

Also looking forward to my weigh in on Monday.
Well done to you both. I found day 5 a tough one too so hang in there. Reaching your first weigh in is a real turning point and that energy rush should be with you soon.

Welcome and good luck!! x x
Hi Hollycat

Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you then for weigh in day,I also had to cook dinner for my 3 children. Hubby usually does the cooking but has popped a muscle in his shoulder so has to rest :(
Will check post on mon eve after my weigh in to see how you did hon

Thanks for the support charlotte and porgeous,and porgeous you really look amazing well done girl!! x
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Hi Natalie
I am on day 4 and yesterday and today have had bags of energy, but days 1 & 2 I was starving and tired all day and night. I think the reason I started feeling better on day 3 was because I had cut down on my carb intake for 10 days prior to starting SS, so it didn't take my body as long to get into ketosis. Hang on in there darl things can only get better, I keep looking at the gallery photos for inspiration and have a 'gross' picture of myself on the fridge door to help when the willpower gets a little stretched. Everyone on here will support you when you need it and even if you don't lol
Love Pauline


To infinity and beyond!
Thanks for all the support.

I have to cook every night as my husband works until 10.30pm, however I have been a bit naughty and been cooking meals for them that I'm not very keen on :D
Saturday night is curry/pizza night though and I love both of them. Which probably explains why I need to lose weight :(

Will check in with you on Monday as well. Good luck :)
My OH and DS were going to have pizza tonight, but darling OH said he would go without to show his support for me (although I noticed he wouldn't give up his lager) and my lil sis said DS could go to theirs and have pizza with them, bless her.
I am a childminder and have to cook the meals for my mindees during the day (weekdays) as well as OH who works shifts and DS who is always hungry. Most of the time I just go into autopilot and ignore the food, but sometimes I feel like having a nibble (or more), but I don't want to fail again so it's a case of willpower and determination for me. I just hope it lasts. My 1st WI is 1st Sept so in another 10 days I will know if it was worth it.


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Hiya I'm on day 4, and the first 2 days were the worst so far for me. Must admit I agree that making dinner for OH and kids is the most difficult thing. Its so strict isn't it. When even licking your fingers could take you out of ketosis I'm finding that I have to be more motivated than I've ever been. I just keep thinking that I want to be slim more than I want to eat the food. Then I think if I'm good now, then I can have the occasional treat. Its early days but its working so far. I think I might join a team for the added motivation. Good luck on your journey, I'm sure coming on here helps :D
oh natalie don't be disgusted - you're here doing something about your weight and that's nothing but good

i think the 'hardest' day varies from person to person but trust me once you start getting into it and seeing results i'm sure it will motivate you

just don't forget that it is hard for everyone, you aren't alone, trust me you aren't alone :)



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I agree with all the advice on here - stick with it, CD is the best diet going! You are all doing so well in your first week and as mentioned once you see the numbers from your first weigh in you are hooked!

Plenty of distraction, lots of water and stay strong - you will all do great!!!


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Hi Natalie - congrats on the decision to take action, and stick at it. When it gets better it really gets better. I'm on day 13, and I haven't felt hungry this week. Also seem to have loads of energy - the house has never looked so clean! Good luck for your first WI. Tx
I would like to say a hugh thankyou to al the ppl who have written to support me,don.t think i've ever had such a supportive network. Have had a little cry (of happiness) because of this so thankyou all again.

Good luck to all of you in succeeding your goals,am feeling positive that we can all do it!!! :grouphugg:

Natalie xxxx


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Tracey1404 - oh how I remember that burst of energy - they were my exact words "the house has never looked so clean" Hmm don't know what has happened, I still feel great but the housework has slipped a little and I don't seem to iron everything in sight as during that burst of energy!!

Natalie - this is a great site for encouragement, help, guidance and support - keep posting and you will do fab!
Hi Natalie
Hang on in there - you can do it. I felt hungry for the first week, in fact the first three days were ok but days 4 and 5 were definitely tough. It took me a while to feel hunger free but I will have done 3 weeks tommorow and I truly feel great. Best Wishes and Good Luck!
Hi everyone

I wanted again to say thankyou and that you are all amazing,have now made it through day six and feeling better today,roll on weigh in tomorrow eve whoop whoop!!



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Hi everyone

I wanted again to say thankyou and that you are all amazing,have now made it through day six and feeling better today,roll on weigh in tomorrow eve whoop whoop!!

Well Done!!! Massive achievement :D:D:D


lose lose lose
hi porgeous, i was just reading your coment, i am starting cambridge diet on wednesday and i was very nervous at first, i am 15 stone 3lb and cant wait to shift my weight, i am looking to get to around 10 and half stone, can u tell me how long it took you to loose your weight x
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Hey Natalie,

Day 5 both times was the hardest for me. My original starting weight was 16st11(august 1st) I was down to 11st4 for xmas. Hang in there its well worth it. This time round I have three stone to loose and am already 2/3rds of the way there. We can do this together!
Hi everyone hope your all still achieving with your weight loss.
Just thought I would let you all know I had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 8lbs,felt a little dissapointed as was hoping for more. Think thats because I have been reading about other ppls losses in their 1st weeks and some have lost more but either way its still 1/2 stone in a wk so am proud.
Anyway now on day 8 and feelin positive so roll on next weigh in.
This weekend is going to be bit hard as have a wedding to attend (day and eve) and a bbq on sun.Am driving so that takes away the drinking side of things but the food bit is going to be hard.
I will stay strong hopefully as I want to see good weight loss for week 2.
Wish me luck guys and girls as I think I'm going to need it lol!!! xxxxxxxx

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