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Day 5 and not feeling so good

im on day 5 of the CD and although im sticking to it, as for some weird and wonderful reason i actually have alot of will power not to eat food, feel a bit crappy today, though i would have seen the weight lost but still look in the mirror and see the same outline. i went to see my CDC yesterday and i was only 18stone after four days, starting weight 18.1stone, she said it was probably water because i had drunk about 6 lites that day (so i wouldnt eat anything as i did stuggle yesterday so i though that water would make me not eat and it did lol) so i do hope it is, im seeing her next wednesday so hope that i have lost more than 1 pound as im not cheating and do want to see some results.

i going to start drinking 3 litres spread over the day see how i get on with that...hope that works.

although current benefits to date are i have more energy dont feel so tired and my friend ask me if i wan to go to the gym and i was like yer ok, so i did some walking and some cycling, hope that is ok, i didnt feel bad doing it or the day after, does this help the weight lose or decrease it??

anyway thanks for letting me rant on the page lol xxx
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Well done on getting to Day 5:)

You will lose with this diet - there is no way that you can't if you stick to it 100% - unfortunately it takes some people's brains (mine included) time to catch up on the loss and eventually see where the loss has come from.

Last year I went from 13.5 - 10.5 and still saw a chunky lady when I looked in the mirror - not helped by the fact that because I was losing so quickly I never knew what size I was and would still go straight for the size 16/18's when I was infact a 10/12!:eek:

You will get there and the results will be fabulous. Going to the gym and doing some gentle exercise to start with is a fantastic idea and will hopefully motivate you to continue and increase the exercise over time.

Good luck with WI this week - I am sure you will be amazed.:D
I wouldn't pay much attention to the scales within the first few days; there will be far more weight fluctuations. Also the day you got weighed, you'd drunk so much water, like the counsellor said. As the above poster said, it's impossible not to lose weight on this diet if you stick to it. Try not to worry mid week, just focus on your weekly weigh ins. Also remember that different people lose differently...some people a small but steady amount each week, some people a big amount at the start, then a stall for up to a couple of weeks then it starts up again with a big loss, and some people see a loss one week then stuck scales then loss the next week. So, basically, try to look at your results over a couple of weeks and not worry if you don't lose one week.

Keep going and try not to be ruled by the scales....your weight will go up and down with water.Try really hard to wait until weigh in and if you can't just once in the morning before you have anything to drink,
This diet works and the more you drink the better.
A bit of gentle exercise is great.Be careful not to overdo it in the early days when you are on so few calories

You will see the same outline for a little while....but your clothes will start to feel looser soon
Someone told me weight loss is like a kitchen roll...if you imagine each sheet is a pound and when the roll is new you don't notice the difference when a sheet comes off...but as you keep going and get smaller each pound/sheet shows much more...I started at 19.7 stones and nobody really noticed for a couple of stones...but now I'm 14ish every half stone people notice and nobody fails to notice the overall difference

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