Day 5 and not in ketosis and starving!

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    I am on day 5 of a restart after cheating for the first time.
    First time I think it took me about 4 days to get into ketosis, then I had a planned break and got back into ketosis on day 4, despite having bars and water flavouring from the start. No probs at all.
    But then I cheated and had an evening of eating, started back on CD the next morning, and day 5 I am still not in ketosis.
    I have also been starving, far hungrier than I was the other two times, and I have been finding it really tough sticking to the SS. So I have started to have an extra shake a day, so four in total and that has really helped but it is still a nightmare!!!
    I am trying to have only allowed stuff, but I don't understand why I was in ketosis on day 4 last time and I have done nothing that I shouldn't and am not in it on day 5. I know the whole don't get obsessed with ketosis, but I am soooooooooo hungry that it is driving me mental. I am still loosing weight though :)
    Any ideas anyone? Also will having 4 shakes effect my loss by much? What about if I SS+ with chicken and salad? I haven't done that before but am tempted to try it!
    I am really commited and want to loose weight but I can't take much more of feeling like this.

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    Hi, I am in the same position, I am on day 9 and still not in ketosis, I have been told it may be the water flavouring so I may have to give it up, only problem is its the only way I can drink the water.
    Not sure how I can over come this.

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