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Day 5 and now Day 6

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Hello, what a mad day yesterday, didnt get chance to update on my progress!

Well yesterday was day 5 and my God I was sooooo hungry!! I had my first shake at 7am before work and had the 2nd at 11.30 (couldnt wait until lunch time) the 3rd was at 6pm....my stomach wasnt too impressed with the no food :p Was quite proud of myself when I went to bed knowing I came through such a tough day!

Today is day 6 and had a fuzzy head this morning, found walking upstairs to my desk at work quite a challenge - I have no energy... well, if I got through yesterday, I can do today...
I have my boyfriend's parents coming over for dinner, I am going to say that I have been out on a team meal at work so not eating in the evening and will have a shake instead. My boyfriend is very very supportive but said his mother wouldnt approve!

I am a little worried about tomorrow - which will be day 7. I am going to a wedding and have to try to find a reason why I am not eating as I think it will be silly to cave in and have something small - think I will find it hard to get back into it as I have only just got used to not eating.... will let you know what happens:D
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Says it as it is!!!
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Well done hunni .. you are through the worst ...you should feel better tomorrow on wards...take it as easy as you can today...drink lots of water and coffee and have an early night x
As for the wedding, loving the positive attiutde.....yes, you would be silly to eat... You have come so far xxx you could say you have a tummy bug or something xx hope you have a top time tomorrow


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well done on getting this far and good luck with tomorrow you can do it! x
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doh - just mixed my shake for lunch and quarter of it flew out of the packet onto the carpet at work lol!!!


Says it as it is!!!
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ooooppppsssss...not good x x Now dont you go licking the carpet hehe


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I love ur determination. Keep it up. Hope the wedding goes well.


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well done so far, you seem to have to right attitude regarding food on TFR so good luck for tomorrow. regarding the hunger try splitting your shakes up and having 6 smaller meals.


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Dont worry you will get the energy back and you wont know what hit you:D

Its great that you're so positive about the wedding, thats the best attitude.. if you find that you are getting tempted, get up and walk around and chat to people, keep yourself busy I think is the key!

My BF is also very supportive and I had asked him not to tell his mother, (we go to their house for dinner every Sunday) but he went ahead and told her, thankfully she understood but I dont think she really approves of it either. A little white lie now and then doesnt hurt;)

Best of luck with it tomorrow xxx