Day 5, Back to Work today and feel great!


Finally...Life begins
:D Morning all!

Its now day 5, and I am proud to say I got over the weekend without giving in once, and I had more social functions than I have ever had in the last few months! I did think about refusing to go, but I a managed to sit in a pub for 5 hours on saturday drinking sparkling water, and my friends all had a slap up pub dinner, with booze, then on sunday my brother and his family invited us to the horses (racing) and they ate chips, hot dogs, picnic, with crisps and lovely looking sarnies! I could have given in, and the amount of times I nearly took something just for the sake of it amazed me! It still does now!

My scales are still showing a pound loss each day so far! and with it being totm, I am shocked each time i see it go down!

1st weigh in wednesday at 6.30, so can't wait to see how much I have lost! and its all down to these forums and websites and blogs! I couldnt have stuck with it, but seeing how well you have all done, has kept me on track!

Feeling very proud of myself today, I hope it stays this way.
Happy monday everyone!
Hi Angela

Well done on getting through the weekend, especially with all of those social events..... you did brilliantly :D And your weigh in result will show it was worth it!!

I have to say that I do tend to turn down a lot of invites because I just think it would be too hard, but I have an engagement party and a wedding to go to and they are on two days in a row and unfortunately/fortunately I can't get out of going so it will be a true test. Needed to be done at some point.

Well done again and I look forward to seeing your first weigh in result on Wednesday.

Jazzy x
hey you've done excellent!!
And you will be soooo pleased with yourself on wednesday when you step on those scales, it's such a lovely feeling.
So good luck for wednesday, although i dont think you'll need it, keep up the hard work and you'll soon be superslim xx

I am so thrilled for you, keep up the smashing work and dont forget to keep posting, as well as drinking the water!!!;)

You'll soon have lost your first stone, just like me and trust me, its the best feeling ever.

Have a great day hun, speak soon
Thank you all!! It all started off so well, and so positively! But feel pants and really low tonight!


Think it will be better when I can have more solid things like the bars and the mousse mix! Wish we could have them in week two!
You'll feel so much better tomorrow, especially when you realised you havent given in!!!!!!
Keep posting!