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Day 5 Bad breath

Stick in there Hun! Listerene breath strips will solve the issue!
I'm dreading the bad breath... On Atkins i had to cover my mouth when talking to people cuz it smelt like a small animal was decaying inside my gob! So disgusting. Do those strips really work? Do they last long or do you have to keep using them all day?!

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
I bought some but haven't needed to use them but they get a good press on here.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
The strips help a little. The effect is short-lived so they are best used just before you reckon you are going to breath on someone!!! I felt by keeping up my water intake that this also helped keep my dog breath at bay!!

Jessie 888

one life only
Oh, to the joy of baggy clothes! And you will get such a boost from your weigh-in on Friday. I would definitely recommend the breath strips: very quick-acting and also good for distracting you from wanting to eat! :p
Hi there Morlycarly, i also have my first weigh in on Friday, cant wait to see if the starvation, bad breath and constipation have been worth it Good luck to you, Karen


Full Member
Ive tried the breath strips but cant stand them, the plastic feel urgh... but everyone is different. Ive heard the sprays are better :)
Know what you mean Katie... It's the way they dissolve.. It sends a shiver down my spine. I think everyone will just have to put u with me stinking like a biffa bin lol
Hi there had my first weigh in and lost 5lb, did you have yours Morly Carly ??
Well done on losing 5lb you should be really pleased.

Breath strips have been a life saver for me. I know at times it's smelt like an animals rotting in my stomach (and OH going "pooh that stinks" was certainly an indication that my breath wasn't good - as if I needed him to tell me) but I do find that they're handy particularly when I know I need to be chatting to someone face to face.

I wouldn't say that they're nice but as I only drink black coffee and have the strawberry shakes it does mean that sometimes having a different taste in my mouth makes a good change.

Thank you Woozle, i was a little dissapointed with my 5lb at first because everyone on here seems to lose more in their first week, but once i thought of it as 2 and a half bags of sugar, it made me feel better. Into my 2nd week now with the addition of chicken soup, which i'm hoping will feel like a real meal if i have it in a bowl, ha, roll on next weigh day xx
Wow Woozle, just looked at your BMI and how amazing to have gone from 32 to 24, you have done so well, xx Karen
good luck with the soup!! i had one mouthful and couldnt have anymore, i was at work so had to miss out on my lunch : (

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