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Day 5 but ache all over?

Hello all

I am on day 5 now but i am achy all over and feel really weak. I particular keep getting a pain in my right arm and leg. Is this normal and i am guessing its just my body adjusting. Has others had this too? :eek:

I am drinking 4 - 6 pints a day and have stuck to ss 100% since day 1 so i guess it will have a impact on my body but just wanted reassurance nothing bad is happening.

Thank you

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Oh i don't know about that hun people are really different, I'm on day 4 and I'm still surviving by the grace of god and I can't wait for my weigh in on Monday as I stay 100% too hope I will have a great loss. Good luck too on your weigh in day lol
Me and a friend from work who are both on cambridge had something similar, i had real bad muscle aches in my leg very similar to the after effects of a hard workout like a day or two after without having done the hard workout.
Thank you for the replies.

Thai Chilli i had a weigh in last night as i cant make my official weigh in on sunday and i had already lost 8lbs in 4 days! Couldnt believe it. Makes it all worth it when you see the scales! Good luck with yours.

Samjam. That is how i feel i just ache and feel so weak! lol, still i have got a good excuse to lounge about for a couple of days at the weekend.

I experienced that too! It was an ache and a burning sensation in my arm. Have experienced pins and needles at times too! It is better now, not so bad, am on day 8.

Tanya xxx
That's fantastic yummy you done very well in just 4 days lol I'm just imagining how much r u gonna lose when your councillor weigh u on your day.
Wow YM04, well done on your weightloss and after after 4 days, thats amazing.

When i did CD the first time i was really very achey all over on day 4 and just wanted to stay in bed all day. But the day after i felt fine, so it is probably just your body adjusting to the diet. I wouldnt worry about it.

god i wish i read this post before.... i went for a run last night and felt really good after but today omg im achin and so tired. How are you today yummymummy?
Hello all

You were all right! I woke up this morning and aches and pains are all gone.

I have felt sooooo hungry today tho. I always feel hungry at weekends even when not dieting! I have been good and been 100% ss tho!

Thank you all for the advice it really helps X
Awww, i'm glad you're feeling better today :)

Well done on 100% SSing today even though you were hungry. I think you may have had to deal with psychological hunger today, i hate that, lol. It does get easier tho :)

I hope you have a good day tmrw sweetie xx

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