Day 5 nearly over


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Good luck for tuesday.

I know what you mean about thinking of food all the time, its made me think a lot differently though, I can and will be able to eat healthly when im done here :D


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congrats for getting this far you are doing fab and roll on tuesday your weight loss will amaze you and keep you going the thought of food does lessen and it does get easier after the first week soo keep it up xx


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Well done on making it to day 5! :happy096:
You'll be in ketosis anytime (if not already) Good luck for Tuesday, you'll be gobsmacked with your loss.
I bet you WILL feel differently about food after LT. I do, I refed for a two week holiday in September and amazed myself by my changed attitude to food. When I came home, I HAD LOST WEIGHT!!:clap:
This was even with having drinks etc. I just felt I wanted to make healthy choices, and I did!
LT makes you think about your way of dealing with issues, other than eating!!


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yes day 5 is hard, but its worth holding out till after the 7 day mark, second week is easier and after that its easier still.


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hi well done on reaching day 5 it will start and get easier your wi on tues will amaze you
I agree with cathy this diet really makes realise any issues you may have with food ( well it did with me)
dont forget to let us know about your wi

xx Sharron


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I hear what you're saying about how food is such a big deal. I'm on my second day and it's so wierd going shopping now. Buying food for the family, but knowing that i'm not going to be eating any of it for a long while is so strange. :eek:

Keep it up and good luck for your weigh in. :)


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well done ya for getting to day 5, the hardest bit is nearly over! Unfortunately at the start ya go through a stage where ya brain thinks that ya need food but glad to see ya are not letting it win, keep up the good work and the results will show on tuesday, it should be enough for ya to stay away from food forever. Fingers are crossed for ya and looking forward to hearing your success, take care