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Day 5 - Over the wall?


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Hi, woke up this morning not feeling too bad after yesterday's day from hell:eek:! So far so good and hoping that the worst is over. Still think about food and eating but not sure if that's just me and my head:confused: , but at the least the gnawing hunger is not present at the mo. Tea time is obviously for me the worst time plus have had TOTM from hell all week which certainly did not help matters:(.

So here's to positive thinking and losing all those lbs!! Still another week to CD weigh in (every 2 weeks) but can still see the lbs disappearing on my own scales which is amazing!!

Keep up the good work everyone!!

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hi jaxie,

well done with your weightloss! it sounds like you have got over the worst now, i felt like you last week as im only on day 10 myself, it took a while for the hunger to go and sometimes i feel it in tiny pangs but NOTHING compared to the first few days!
i keep getting really bad cravings too, do you reckon these will go? i think its because im bored at work and not occupied that i keep thinking about food..and it got so bad last night that i just cheated and ate something and now i feel terrible for it. oh well must put it behind me and look forward now.
so i think it is in the mind and hopefully within time those thoughts will all go. if not, im screwed haha.

how much do you think you have lost so far? keep up the good work!!


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Hi semi-skimmed!! Well done on your own weightloss:king:. I think this thinking about food is down to do with the fact that i have always done it. At breakfast i would be thinking about what i would be having for lunch and then at lunch, what was for tea and so on. My whole life has been one long food obsession so i suppose it's gonna take longer than a couple of weeks to get my head round the fact that i ain;t having that chicken tikka wrap with sweet chilli coleslaw :drool: or beef stir-fry...... Aaaagh, stop it!!!!!! To tell you the truth yesterday the thought of that would have been climbing the wall, but today i'm ok. As long a we dont give in to the temptations things will be fine and i am NOT giving in this time. This 4 1/2 stone is history!!!!:D (well, hopefully soon will be!)

Think i have lost about 4-5lbs so far, hard to say, could be more - didn;t weigh myself until 3rd day but most will be fluid - but even my hands aren;t as puffy or swollen so it's obviously doin some good!!

Keep me posted how you're gettin on!!:D

Jax (think Jax better than Jaxie - isn;t it another word for bottom?):eek:
Hi Jaxie,

I'm just on day 4 today and it's defnately been the worse day so far.:cry:
I thought days 1-3 were meant to be bad. I'm hoping that i'll be going into ketosis shortly and that will sort out any glitches.
Your post has made me feel a little bit better.
Is this your first time doing CD?
OOpps, sorry only just seen that you prefer Jax.:doh:

And come to think I do think Jaxie relates to the bottom, although can't remember if it's the back or a man's front. If you know what I mean without getting too explicit. ;)

hi jax. well done starting cd. TOTM makes me want to raid the fridge and presses oh i hate what it does to me. im like a woman poscessed!! 4/5lbs so far is brill

Keep up the good work

becky xxx


Still Climbing That Hill!
You have great so far. Well done. Im on day 3 of a restart so not far behind you.
Hi Jaxie It Does Get Easier Keep Doing What Your Doing And The Weight Will Fall Off


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Thanks again all!! Today Day 6 and i have felt fine until now. It seems that approaching mid afternoon i start to obsess about food and the fact i can;t eat nice things for some time - again, i am not hungry but think it's habit and i;m not giving in. Went for a 3 mile walk earlier and feel saintlike now:girlpower:. Am heading into work shortly as i work shifts so that'll take my mind off food for a while!! Have a big pot of irish stew cooking for the hubby and kids and the smell of it isn;t driving me too mad!! Am gonna have a tin of tuna (in water) and some lettuce for tea - Heaven!!! ( CD SS+)

Keep yer peckers up!!!!

P.S Sasha63, just noticed you're from this side of the big water, what part?
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hey jax

i read something a few days on here, cant remember who said it, but some one had gave them it as a bit of advice and i've found it REALLY helped me. It was something like this--
When u start obsessing about all the lovely food u cant eat. Say to yourself.....
I can't eat you today, but one day i will, just not today.
Hope it helps and keep up the good work ur doing fab!


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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your reply - have just been reading your other threads and am so pleased that you have kept at it this time:D. It would be so easy to give in and eat something but reading the stories of the other girls who have done so on here it really helps to put me off!! They feel so bad after falling off the wagon that i tell myself that the taste of that cream bun is not worth all the self loathing that would definitely follow:sigh:. So upwards and onwards is what i say - but your advice is very much appreciated.


P.S That's a really nice photo you have there!!! I'm 4 stone overweight and for the past few years there have been very few photos of Mummy at family occasions (hate getting photographed!!)
Thank u Jax, i was extremely drunk wen i took this photo of myself a few weeks ago lol then i got up in the morning to look thru the photos i took the night before and low and behold that was the only nice 1!!
i always find black and white photos make me look nicer! :D
I'm the same with the photo thing. i dont ever allow people to take pics of me. i only oblige wen its me taking it and its only of my head!!!!
We can defo do this together Jax, when u were talking about ur food cravings it sounded so familiar to me! But im on the right path now and sooo determined to stick at it! I have no other option, i either do this, or i kno i'l just keep piling on the pounds and become a total recluse without a life. And i dont want my son having a mummy like that.
I just love reading the threads about those who have stuck at it and how much they've lost and how happy they feel :)
one day it will be me and u!! x


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Absolutely!!;). I don't want to let anyone down including myself and loads of people know i'm doing this so i would feel ashamed to fail. Keep up the good work and we'll do this:character00238:.

Away to get ready for work.

C YA!!:happy036:


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