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starting weight at docs 95kg, home scales 14.12

Hi everybody,

My name is Ann-Marie, and although it is my second time on this site, I only lasted a couple of weeks doing sw last time. I always start off very motivated for the first few weeks and then it all goes down hill after that. I am hoping this time it will be different.

I went to see my GP on tues who happily gave me a presciption for xenical. I started properly on Wed. I am just going to write down what I have eaten these past five days - hoping that I may be able to get some advise from you amazing guys and girls.


B One small croissant (had that before I really knew what xenical was all about.

L salad, with dressing - not low fat, beetroot
5 pagen krisprolls

D sea bream, salad, eat smart french dressing
shape yog

cornish wafer x 3
maltesers fun pack
med chedder cheese 0.3oz

Total calories 1187

This was using up stuff really and I was not really sure what i was doing!! Then logged on to this wonderful site and hours later got a much better idea


B 30g Bran flakes w/ skimmed milk & sweetner
cup tea
1/4 triangle of a slice of toast buttered - part of my daughters breakfast

L 4 pagen krisprolls, ff langley cottage cheese
salad, eat smart dressing

D salad, eat smart dressing, honey & mustard and balsamic vinegar chicken breast. shape yog

cheese with appricots 0.5oz oops
10 raspberries

Total calories 1087
water - 2.5 ltrs


B tea with skimmed milk
bran flakes w/skimmed milk

L Chicken breast with basamic vin, honey & mustard glaze (left over from last night), salad and ff eat smart dressing, shape yog

D. arrabbiate make (morrisons eat smart range)
salad, with ff eat smart french dressing
shape yog

Water 3ltrs

Total cals 933

Sat this is where I had a big hick up!!!

B bran flakes, skimmed milk, cup tea

L 1/2 lightly smoked salmon fillet, salad and eat smart dressing, yog

started so well !!

Evening (no tablet taken)

Just short of two bottles of wine
half a portion of fish and chips from the chippy

deficit of 616!!!!! in calories as my allowance is only 1200

Why oh why did i do this. How can my mind be so strong at 4pm and in space of an hour or two all go to pot.

Next day I felt so cross with myself! I have always drank that amount of wine or gin and tonics most nights but decided that was it now. I so messed up on food and drink yesterday.

I have started today with a another fresh deteremined outlook. I did take a sneaky peak on the scales and i have lost 4lbs so far - so whether it stays that way because of my distastorous cock up last night remains to be seen!!! weigh in on wed morning

Today I have been really good - I think

B bran flakes, skimmed milk, tea

L salad, egg, two small pots with lang farm vff cottage cheese, betroot. homemade ff dressing.

So as you can see I think i need some help and advise if anyone would be so kind.

with lots of thanks to all of you for reading my post

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Violet is shrinking
Hi hun, you need to make sure you stick within the rules, if you do that you'll be fine. I think it's best to just count the fat at the beginning, then count the calories or pay more attention to them later on when you're more customed to the change.

(i had my best losses before I started obsessing with cals)

Watch the eggs, they're high in fat and cause reactions as can the salmon, but it's trial and error really. make sure you take a tablet with every meal and try to eat a bit more, healthy snacks are fine in between, you'll find if you eat regular you won't want to pick and graze at the wrong stuff ;)
Thanks bunny hop. I will make sure I do. I been lucky not suffered any side effects though do feel a bit bloated. I weighed myself this am and have put on 1lb since sunday. I know i should not have done that. Don't really know which day to weigh in at either as had few bad first days getting my head round it all. I def got hang of calories and fat wise I am eating so low don't think it registers as much apart from odd egg I have eaten but had no side effects from salmon and eggs so hope I doing it right-

Yes sammyd she so good isn't she but reading through the threads you all are so supportive and your advise is brill .
Ann- Marie x
So I will just keep writing my food diary down as i feel it really helps me.

sun dinner - half a morrisons best king prawn sandwich - high fat content
2 pagen krisp rolls
25g red leicester cheese - nibbled bit of my daughters
one egg
one plum
one bottle wine

calories -316


B - bran flakes 30g, skimmed milk
L - ff cottage cheese, salad, homemade dressing, 2 eggs, rice cake, shape yog
d - homemade veg curry with fry lighted onions, sweet potatoes, courgettes, brocoli, new pots, peas tinned toms, carrots,
shape yog

water 3ltrs
wine - 2/3 of a bottle

calories -29


no breakfast

L - salad with ff homemade dressing, two small beetroots, one egg, one yoghurt,

D - either crispbreads and cottage cheese and fresh fruit or left over veg curry

hopefully no wine - syked up not to have any so hope hubby does not go and get any on way home

drinking plenty of water.

Think reason put on a 1lb is totm week.

Hope so anyway

Hope everyone ok.

Thanks for reading my diary.



Violet is shrinking
Hi hun, I think you really need to drink more water, you can have sparkling or flavoured or squash, this is the reason why you're bloating, because you're not having enough, also the wine isn't helping things..I think it's best to weigh once a week at the same time, each time that way you'll get a true accurate weight.

I weigh on a Monday morning, half an hour ish after I've woken up, been to the toilet and made a drink ;)


Full Member
given last weeks dismal weight loss.. ill be getting up a little earlier and lopping off my left arm! (ill hit them big numbers if it kills me) :eatdrink023:
Good luck with the xenical, i agree with bunny i had my better losses in the beginning when i was only counting fat (5g fat per 100g, 45g per day) I use MFP to log my food, a few of the girls on here do. Try to drink plenty of water, green tea is also good if you can handle the taste of it. I'm not always that keen on it, but i am told its good for us, so there you go lol!!
Hi and thank you very much for your replies - you make so much sense.

Well tuesday did succumb to the wine - had one bottle and a bit

but did not eat so that made up for it calorie wise

Wed - Decided this was going to be my weigh day and have lost 4lbs put I really think it has been such a hit and miss week for me that I am not going to read anything into that.

Today I have had a real sense of committment. Been out and bought the green tea - as you great guys suggested. It is really bitter but actually not too bad.

Calories consumed today are about 680. Fat 6g


Well think I am going to have an early night - feel really tired today.



Violet is shrinking
you're not eating enough hun...you won't loose weight if you don't eat.

i think you would benefit from using my fitness pal. :)