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DAY 5 ...

I have made it to day 5 and the day is nearly over so I'm happy.
Been thinking about food all day today..had cravings for cheese and onion McCoys,but have managed to resist.

Had about 4ish Litres today and looking forward to tomorrow, as it will be closer to Monday(weigh in day).

I've managed to keep my diet from everyone in work this week, let's see how long that lasts. Can't be doin with other people's negative opinions on my choice of weight loss.

How's everyone else doin??
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I will be skinny again!!!
Good to hear your getting on well!!

I found day 4 and 5 the hardest so in my opinion you have made it through the hardest mile stone :)

Im doing good thank you xx
hey there - i have just done week 8 and my cravings have been BAD for the last 2 days!

The weightloss is well worth it though. I would never have done this well on SW :)


Here we go again!
Hi there and congrats for getting this far. I've just finished week 8 too and have had lots of cravings but just have to fight them.

I even bought a cookbook today called The Chocolate and Coffee Bible. The recipes and pictures in it are amazing. My hubby thinks I must be mad but it's nice to look at the pictures and it spurs me on to finish this diet!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
haha mini im guna look that cookbook up now! i have gotten right into cooking lately - weirdly, it helps!!

cappa - just fight through your cravings - it is sooo worth it in the end :) just imagine yourself at your goal weight :)

And dont hide your diet from anyone - if they have negative comments screw them! you are doing something about your weight and are taking action - they should be encouraging you for taking this huge step!!

Keep at it girl and let us all know about your weigh in on monday!
What time are you going for it?
Can't wait to say I'm on my 8th week...well done miniB and purple angel. I have managed 9/10 weeks this time last year and lost 3st..so I know I can do it. Just gotta dig deep.

Don't know what time I'm getting weighed, the pharmacist was a bit elusive. First he told me they were not taking people on, that day,so I told him I have my own shakes (almost 2 weeks worth from a previous attempt)and want to get weighed as I intend on coming back and following the programme with them. He weighed me, which was on a Monday and told me to come back the following Tuesday after 10.30am as they're usually busy on Monday's. I'm just gonna go on Monday anyway, I mean how long does it take to jump on scales and buy 21 sachets????

I don't wanna chat or discuss, just weigh and go. Simple.
So I intend on being at the chemist around 11ish on Monday morning and hope they can squeeze me in .


I will be skinny again!!!
Its strange that they make appointments

and how many sachets did they give you this week??

I just dander on in to my chemist when ever :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yup me too chelly - my chemist is hardly ever busy with people being weighed but then again i go as soon as its open! Get up, pee, get weighed! lol

Capp just go on a monday - tuff tits - you are a customer they are there to serve :)
Will do ..just gonna turn up. He didn't give me any sachets cos I had loads from another chemist that bought months ago and I didn't stick to.


Here we go again!
They'll weigh you and give you the sachets if you just turn up, they wont turn away your cash!

I just go on a Saturday morning, first thing, it's like a weight loss club then so many turn up, but it's never a problem.


Here we go again!
There are 2 others there most weeks when I go in cos I go early just after they open. We say hello and ask how we are all doing. One lady is in her sixties and is doing really well. I can see the difference from week to week. It's so nice going in there cos the chemists are really encouraging and said last week I was looking really well and could really see the difference now.
well done on making it this far the rest easy once you do this first week