Day 6 - and ive just picked at .....


:( some cheese. OMG why I did it I dont know. I was making the kids cheese on toast and without thinking it went in my mouth. I also did the same last night with 4 maltesas.

Im now in a complete panic. Just had one of my shakes and im gonna drink some more water. I really dont want to fail but I feel like ive let myself down.

Advice please......
Dont panic, chances are because cheese in general has little carbs you are in Ketosis...

Its so easy to throw something into the gob. Lord knows it automatic at times, but you are breaking a habit and you noticed that you did it...and as you said - you dont know why...

I ate 5 tangerines once, and my ma was like - steady on... i was like - jeez it was only one...but i ate the other four off the bat and didnt even realise it...

It was a wake up call. and this will be yours.

I am amazed you only stopped at a few maltezers tho - so be proud that you did rather an berate yourself.

i'd have munched away at all of them. Cos they taste heavenly.

Dont panic, you havent failed. you have opened your eyes and in a way thats better than sailing through and not realising the tendency of 'invisible' eating where you dont realise your actually eating...and hence overeat and are biguiled as to why the weight isnt shifting

Janeylouise- sorry no advice or experience to give you just to say that we are all human & it can happen to any of us... don't beat yourself up about it just try to get back on track asap

Hugs XXX
Thanks guys. Ive moved on from my invisible eating moment now and as long as I can stay away from the family snacks tonight (they always have some on a Sunday evening) I will be fine.

This weekened has been tough.

Thanks for the support!
Hiya Janey

Ok remember that you did it though and how you felt afterwards and use that to make your stronger next time, you won't have done much damage but it is important to stay abstinant if you want to do this mad diet as quickly and easily as possible.

Good luck and stick with it

Weekends are tough for me too so i know how you feel. Be proud of yourself that it was just a nibble and not a huge blow out!!
learn from it and move on :)
Keep your chin up as letting it get you down may lead to more picking.

Remember you are only human !!!

Good luck
Hi Janey,

Me too , two slices of roast beef. But I am still in ketosis and I know better next time. I wont be in the house when the dinner is served. I have a spa pool in the garden, I will go down there and wallow for an hour.

Don't worry about it, we are only human.

A spa pool in the garden, how lovely. Dont tell everyone cos we will all want to join you..... lol.

No seriously hope you have a good day on cambridge, I know I intend to. Must go a drink some water cos Ive hardly had any yet today and Im starting to feel light headed.
Janey, well done for pulling it back, that shows real strength!! When i go outside of my plan for the day i tend to go mad and eat everything in site! You prob will get away with it but be very careful, as Mike said staying abstinent is the easiest and quickest way to get to goal!