Day 6 and still not in ketosis!


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Hi Ladies and Gents,

Nice to meet you all!

This is my very first post even though I have been logged on this forum for the past 2 weeks now.

I have started my LP journey on Jan 1 and I don't think I'm in ketosis yet (not particularly cold, no bad breath, no metallic tastes in mouth). How could that be?

Days 1 and 2 were easy. Day 3 got a bit harder and I have been starving mad since. I'm so hungry that I'm actually strongly eyeing the dog's food...

First WI on Friday morning so I guess I will know then.

Still, finding it a bit weird...

Good luck to ye all, even though ye don't seem to need it as ye appear to be doin so well!

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mrs bee

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Hi Nat
Well done on sticking with it! YOu should be in ketosis by now I would have thought! Do you have any keto stix? You can get them from your pharmacy if not!
1st time round it took me over a week not to be starving hungry, or at least not to think about it all the time! I'm on day 4 of re start and nearly ate today as felt light headed then realised it was 5 pm and I'd only had 1 shake!
Good luck for your weigh in, let us know how you get on xx
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Hey, Good luck with your first weigh in, I am sure you will be well pleased, the chemist should be able to test if you are in ketosis, ask for some ketostix so you can test yourself at home. I tested myself today and I am in ketosis and only on day 3 of my diet!

Good luck babe - first weigh should be awesome!!!!! xoxixoxox


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Hiya Nat..

I cant do much more than echo what everyone is saying to you!

Best of luck with your lipotrim journey and post any time you need any inspiration or support!


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welcome !

Not everyone has symptoms - so don't worry on that score, and some people don't even show on the ketosticks - my old chemist refused to give me any as they were unreliable!!

Anyway, good luck for your first WI, let us all know how you do.



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Welcome !!

I am with nerac on this because I have never bothered with the stix.... I believe in LT and I wil get to ketosis when I get there. Just doesnt bother me for some reason. If you are doing the diet 100% then you will get into ketosis; YOU HAVE TO!! People are so different, so it might take someone 2 days, another 5 days, another 7 days!!

Wait for your WI on Friday and see how you get on then! But, I suspect you probably are in ketosis now and burning the fat as I type :)

Good luck on your WI!


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Thanks everyone for all your good words.

I have to say that they're lifting my spirits up a bit. Will let ye know how I get on at the weigh-in and I will ask the pharmacist about those ketostix. In the meantime I'm gonna drink and drink and drink (water that is!) until I forget about those damned Royal Canin :eek:)


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Hi Nat, Welcome and I am sure that you will do really well.... just one thing though - can you check out your stats in your box - they dont look quite right to me - 829lb to lose seems to be an awful lot ;) hope you dont mind me pointing it out :)


irish molly

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Welcome to the forum and lots of luck to you for your lipotrim journey. I agree with what has been posted so far. If you have stuck to the plan 100% then you will lose weight. Don't get hung up on showing the symptoms of ketosis. lots of luck for your weigh in.


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Hey Nat,

The ketostix are often inaccurate. You will also need to ensure they are within date and have NEVER been left with the lid off as this can void the result!..

I notice you are from Cork, me too!!! Whereabouts are you!??


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Hey Nat, welcome :) like all said above , u may already be there. but good luck on ur journey , i hope it all goes well ( oh and a tip for any who do buy sticks to use at home and test all the time :p She-Ra told me cut em in half lol last longer )


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Hi nat and welcome

Im sure you will get a great result you honestly don't need ketostix. Iv'e never used them. Pmsl even dog food looking delicious don't eat it though it will affect your loss lol. xx:D


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Hey dontwanttobesocurvygirl, you're right, my stats are all over the shop since I registered. The thing is I don't seem to be able to edit them as when I click on my name on the upper right corner to check my profile, a message pops up saying that I do not have the right to visit this page.

Any idea?

Weigh-in tomorrow morning girls so I will definitely know whether I'm in ketosis or not!

Good luck to ye all!


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Hi Theresa! I don't live in Cork city itself but in Ballincollig. What about you?


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Lol Nat - I'm not that techy but I know that you get certain access rights depending on how many posts you make :D - I am sure that you will get it right in the end :)


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Hey nat,

Like nerac said, you dont always get the symptons, but that doesnt mean that you arent in ketosis.

You should be happy that you havent got the bad breath and feel cold!!

Like scotsmist said, if you stick to this diet 100% theres no way you shouldnt get into ketosis.

Dont worry about it, just keep focused on drinking the water! Your first weigh in will be a huge motivater.

And about changing your stats, all you have to do is click "user cp". Its on the blue bar right up the top, you should beable to navigate to where you have to go to change your stats... i think


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Thanks for the advice jools, I'll keep an eye on it!


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Hi Nat have first weigh in in the morning too, fingers crossed! It looks like it works from everyone else's response so here's hoping


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Thanks mellum, just edited my stats and hopefully that will work now. The only thing is the system keeps givin me an error message when I try to enter my height (5' 4'') or decimals (215.2).

I have tried getting rid of the ' and '' and of the decimal altogether but it's simply not working. The system keeps saying that I entered the wrong format for the height and weight...


S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 34.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Kepp us posted on your weight loss lilypetal. Fingers crossed!