Day 6 and very tired


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Im on day 6 today and this is the 1st day that Im struggling with. I feel so tired,hungry today and cold all the time. My DH is amused that Im cold as Im well know for being hot all the time!!!!
The ketosis stick has also change colour today, I thought that when this happened I wouldnt feel as hungry? and also would have more energy, or is this just because its only just changed?
Im determined to get through the day but I am going for a sleep so see if that will help.
Roll on tomorrow for 1st weigh in.
Hi Blitz

I am on day 12 now and feeling great. just thought I would post my day 6 diary entry so you know you are not alone!!

Day 6

OMG, last night I felt so bad/weird. Myself and a couple of friends went to visit my best mate last night. I drove, obviously, but scared myself stupid. I was making so many mistakes like indicating the wrong way, breaking to hard or not enough, couldn't remember where I was going. It felt as if I had had a lot of alcohol and was very tipsy. I couldn't string a sentance together and my eyes felt as if they were full of sand, it was horrible. Is this normal, please tell me???????

When we arrived at my BF's house her husband had prepared some nibbles for us, now his idea of nibbles is full blown buffet, it all looked so gorgeous. I had such a hard time resisting as I was feeling so bad I thought if I ate something it would make me feel better. I resisted but filled my water bottle up about 5 times!!!! My mates were really good about the food and drink, very supportive but were rolling around in hysterics because I was being so out of character!!

I had to leave at 9.30 as I was so scared about the drive home. We live right in the country and the journey to my BF's house takes about 30 mins and its dark, wet and the roads are very narrow with lots of unexpected sharp corners, not nice. Any way, got home fine, eventually and went straight to bed.

I have woken up this morning, very tired again but not so spaced out, I am just hoping yesterday was the worst it's going to be and that it should get better from now on.

Tried a hot choc shake this morning made with mint tea, really really nice. I am not having any of the foodpacks cold as I just can't somach them cold.

If you are reading this and have experienced how I felt yesterday could you please reply so I can put my mind at rest.

Really hope this helps hun,

Thanks for that toots its great support. Luckily Im not driving anywhere tonight hopefully will feel better after sleep.

I cannot give in as the end result will be lost.
You WILl feel so much better soon babe. Good luck for tomorrow, make sure you post how you got on!!!!
Hiya hun, I think around day 6 I felt a bit rubbish too, the first week is always the hardest, I felt very spaced out after a few days, I started on a Saturday and the following friday was quite bad for me.

Dont worry, keep the water at a constant level, 4ltrs if you can, but dont down it all at once. This will make you feel better. A sleep is a great idea and I am sure you will be fine x
I'm sure you will feel better soon Blitz.

I'm lucky in not experiencing many side effects. EXCEPT the cold. Blimey O'Reilly!!!!!! :eek: I too am normally a hot person, but right now (and when I did LL a couple of years back) I'm FREEZING!!!!!!!!! This is definitely the wrong time fo year for me to do this diet!

Hope your sleep makes you feel tons better and good luck tomorrow.

Pele. :cool:
Agree with comments about cold ........ brrrrrr!! Obviously I've not been in ketosis for a verrrrrrrry long time as I'd forgotten how cold i felt!!

Still just think of all that fat being burnt - for ever!!!
Thanks all. Ive jsut woken up after a 2 hour sleep and Im feeling a bit better but not fantastic. Just had a shake so hopefully will feel a bit better as well when it takes effect....but for now its warm water to help heat me up.

I just cant believe how cold I feel, Ive got 2 pairs of socks on also 2 jumpers and this is for someone who goes around in t shirts all year!!!
For the first two weeks I was utterly exhausted. I didn't get any 'energy burst'. In my case it was a very gradual process of regaining the energy levels.

I am now at week 9 of SS and have stuck to it (with a bit of a wobble at Xmas).
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Cold is good

Hello, I was told by my CDC that being cold is a sure and good sign of ketosis. So, it;s a good thing! It means you are now burning off fat. x
Thanks Im trying to imagine that these little gemlins inside me are munching away at the fat!!!!!!!!!

God Im going mad now!:eek: