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Day 6 nightmare



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Hang in there chuck it really does get easier. This time through LT I've had little appetite suppression at all even though I'm well in ketosis so its only sheer willpower that has got me this far. That said your body definitely adapts to the shakes so even though you get hungry its not the same as when you eat, hard to explain.

If you've stuck to it then youll be in ketosis. Draw on your willpower reserves and around days 10-14 you should feel more comfortable.

Good luck!
Thanks Cookeh :) . I wonder if this loose bowel i'm still having is causing me not to be fully absorbing all the nutrients from the shakes. my stomach is fairly tender all the time also kinda sore when touched and when in bed and turn can feel pain in it, kind of muscle pain if that makes any sense


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hey chuck hang on in there...maybe you should take some motillium to settle your tummy? or something like that. That usually helps me. Your tummy must be in bits if its been happening for the past few days. Just keep well hydrated and remember slips are not worth it,, no matter how amazing your mind makes them seem,,theyre NEVER worth it.. keep at it,, you got it :) x


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It might just be your body adapting to your new diet, hard to say. You could take some paracetemol for your stomach if its sore. Also might be worth getting some Flapjacks if this continues. They'll take longer to digest so more chance your body will absorb the nutrients. Failing that, if you are just so ravenous you *have* to eat something, opt for a tin of tuna in springwater. It has same cals as a shake (although not nutritionally complete), it has zero carb, lots of protein and should take the edge off. I've been supplementing most days this time around due to no appetite suppression and not only has it helped tremendously to go the distance, its had little effect, if any, on my rate of loss compared to when I did 100%.:)


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Hang in there Chuck, I'm still craving food like mad too and very hungry! Is there anything you can do to take your mind of things? I'm making some jewellery at the moment so no time to think of food :)
Aww poor chuck you are having it bad !
I know we all say it gets easyer it does but its hard and you do feel like crap sometimes .. honestly i'm not putting you off or anything give it time but some people just can't get on with it and you might in the end have to find something that suits you better LTs shakes might not be for you but don't make yourself ill for to long trying to find out give it as long as you can bare it

good luck though i hope things change for the better soon

debz x
Thanks all :) , i'm going to struggle through this and hopefully will all be better after my first weigh in tomorrow evening. I'l mention to the pharmacist about the symptoms i'm having maybe there is something i can take for it :) .
Well done Chuck for not straying when it's hard. Wish you loads of luck and I'm sure you'll start to feel better soon
You're doing great. I'm sure your weigh in will spur you on, it did me!! Let us know how it goes


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Aw well done mate for persevering! Sounds as though u've had a tough time, just remember that diarrhoea makes u dehydrated. Hope the pharmacy helps u out tomorrow and good luck!!!
Hi Chuck, My Gramps went on LT a couple of years ago after seeing how much weight me and my mum had lost. He only did for 2weeks because he was exactly the same, he was constantly hungry and had a very bad tum constantly, made him feel really bad. he told the pharmacist and she told him he had to come off and unfortunately it wasnt for him. Like Debz said it isn't for everyone so make sure you mention it to your pharmacist and see what they suggest.
Hope it all goes ok x


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Aww Chuck, you are really having a hard time of this strange thing we are doing to our bodies! I just wanted to say well done on getting through it, I'm not finding it easy but thankfully not had the dodgy tummy like you! Definitely try to stick it out until your weigh in and speak to the pharmacist, like everyone else has said... hopefully he/she can help you out or suggest something else which suits you better.

If all doesn't go away and you have to come off LT, don't just give up and go back to your old ways, try to remember... you have proved to yourself that you can do this tough, tough diet and if you can do LT you KNOW you can stick to any other plan. Good luck and chin up, you're doing so well!

Paula :)


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Oh im really sorry ur having a bad time, i cant speak from experience but i'd recommend u say it too your pharmacist see what they say.
When i first started my LT journey in Aug although after a few days i felt i was in ketosis it took me a good 2 weeks to feel in total control and felt like my own self again so maybe give urself time!
Chuck, LT is probably an enormous shock to your body if you've been over-eating for some time, it probably doesn't know what's hit it! I'd mention your problems to your pharmacist but try and stay strong all the same, we all look for an excuse to come off at the beginning, anything to get over the first couple of weeks......but rarely are people actually ill.

I'm sure that you will feel better soon but you may have a rough few days first. Good luck x
I hope you are a little better today Chuck.. Good luck with your weigh in .... Please let us know how you get on x
How are you today Chuck?

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