Day 6 of my cd journey..


I want to be slim !!
Hello everybody..

I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you who have given me support, advice and some fantastic ideas on how to have the food packs !!

The muffin idea was great..

Well today is day 6 and my cdc told me to weigh myself this morning and ive lost 7lb.. So really chuffed..!

It has been really hard and i have cried buckets but you all have helped me..


:D :D :D
That's brill CJ! You must be so chuffed. Thanks for the mushroom pack will have at 5pm. Dianax
Yes..thanks for the tomato pack too..
I will be having that tonight along with a choc muffin for afters..
I missed the chocolate muffin thing maybe others did too. Perhaps you could share this with me as it sounds worth knowing! Dizzy
Ok..hers for the choc muffin "thing"

Add 3/4 table spoons of boiled water plus a sweetner to a chocolate shake, mix to a paste add to a ramakin or a mug
macrowave for 1 min...
AND... Custard... Keep back 1 tablespoon of the shake add to hot water to make a choc custard, pour over your choc muffin and ENJOY...

Ive tried these and have to say they are Yummy !!

TIP... Eat it quick as they go hard if you mess ..

Hope you all enjoy..
Thanks Cara

Saved that to my desktop. Will try it next time I have the sweet munchies. I enjoyed my mushroom soup thanks.

No problem Dizzy,
The tomato soup was very nice, so im going to order them too next time..
thanks so much for the swop.
I'm glad you liked the Tomato as it has a nice strong flavour which I think you welcome on this diet. I don't like the Thai chilli much and the other flavours are quite mild and samey although pleasant. Dizzy x