Day 6

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your replies:D and encouragement. I have thought of maybe having the 4 lipotrims daily, as I am nearer to 5'10", hmm, have to give that some thought.

I'm off to work shortly, with my litre bottle of water, :tear_drop: took it on Monday, then left it in the car !!

Still not in ketosis, struggled the last time too and when I was it was only just. The nurse at the drs said it didn't matter how much u were in it, just to be in it (like some club I suppose!)
Work in a store so no access to a computor (well not for this kind of thing!) so I'll be back on tonight to see how everyone is doing.
Good luck everyone, keep at it!
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Hiya Anne-Marie

Being in ketosis is like being pregnant - you either are or you aren't!! :eek: :p Well done getting to day 6, and I would seriously consider having four packs a day - I do (on Cambridge) and it doesn't make a difference to weight loss but it certainly helps with the 'hunger'' thing! :p

Thanks for your e-mail. Sometimes I do feel as if I am talking to myself on the boards. I remember you from when I was on the lipotrim for the first time last year.
I am thinking of taking the 4 lipotrims a day.
Something to make you laugh,
took my shake up to the staff kitchen, thought I would try one of these shakers (I do find it a faff taking a blender or mixed in to work). Poured in the hot water (not boiling) put the shake in, put the lid on, went to shake and the lid just flew off!! Kitchen and me were sprayed with chocolate lipotrim!! Spent my break cleaning up.
tomorrow I shall not be trying the shaker, I will be taking in my blender (lol)


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Beverley was asking about you this morning Anne-Marie.

I think she posted in the Lipotrim forum.

I can just imagine the mess the chocolate made...Have done it myself a few times:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx